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20 Differences Between Growing Up In America And Growing Up In The U.K.

This is solely based on what the movies taught us and therefore not necessarily accurate. Written by a Brit who wishes she'd grown up in America.

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1. In America you have massive house parties...

Warner Bros. / Via

...with kegs and red cups.

Universal Pictures / Via

In the UK we drink cider/vodka straight from the bottle...

E4 / Via

... usually in a field/park while it inevitably rains.

BBC / Via

2. In America you have to wait until you're an actual grown-up to legally drink...

CBS / Via

... whereas we've been legally beveraging for THREE YEARS already!

Warner Bros. / Via

3. But you guys can drive before us...

Paramount Pictures / Via

... which makes us feel like this.

Paramount Pictures / Via

4. American teens say stuff like "Let's go to the beach this weekend!"

Young Money / Via

But in the UK the sea is cold ALL YEAR ROUND (and it'll probably rain anyway).

5. In America, "ROAD TRIP!" means an adventure for many miles...

... in the UK, it takes, at most, two hours before you've reached the edge of the country.

New Line Cinema / Via

6. In the USA you go on dates...

Warner Bros. / Via

...whereas in the UK it's a bit more awkward.

7. In America, there are things called "fraternities" and "sororities" (we have no idea what these are).

Sony Pictures / Via

8. The USA has crazy, amazing snow in the winter...

...this is our snow (if we're lucky).

9. America goes to town with holidays — 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Halloween...

Warner Bros. / Via
NBC / Via
Paramount Pictures / Via

This is the best British parents can do at Halloween and we don't even have the other two.

10. American girls have "slumber parties." British girls have "sleepovers" (they are essentially the same thing.)

Paramount Pictures / Via

11. You ALL have pools in America... we don't :(

Miramax Films / Via

12. There are a range of summer camps in the U.S.

Universal Pictures / Via

... we Brits have to make our own fun.

13. Getting into college is a huge deal in the States... the UK we login to UCAS and quietly celebrate if we got the grades.

14. Family camping holidays in America probably involve an RV.

In the UK we have two-man tents and pray it won't rain.

15. Kids in America have MASSIVE bedrooms...we have to share.

16. American schools still serve AMAZING junk food...

Fox / Via

...Jamie Oliver made damn sure he stopped all that for us. No more pizza at break time.

AMC / Via

17. Going to an American festival? Better pack your Converse and vest tops!

Festival in Britain? Forget about flip flops, you'll need five pairs of wellies and a trusty cagoule.

Fox / Via

18. In America you have whole STADIUMS for college sport...

Paramount Pictures / Via

...we stand in fields... probably in the rain.

Aleshyn_Andrei / Via

19. You have Spring Break...

Muse Productions / Via

...we have the Easter holidays.

20. 20. You guys have PROM and it's a massive deal! Themes, limos, after-prom parties...

20th Century Fox / Via

...OK, so we have prom too but only since the noughties!

Universal Pictures / Via

I wish I'd grown up in America...

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