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18 Signs You're A Child Trapped In A Grown-Up's Body

25 going on 5.

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1. Taking naps is the best.

Nickelodeon / Via

2. Instead of eating "proper" meals, you'd rather have eggs with soldiers.

Nickelodeon / Via

3. Making big life decisions is just not for you.

DreamWorks Pictures / Via

4. Farting and general toilet humour is still funny.

5. You feel way too young to be living in your own house.

Disney / Via

6. And you're certain you boss is going to realize soon enough that you're not really a grown up and you have no idea what is going on.

Via curly-head

7. When you're dividing up food (especially cake) you always make sure you get the biggest portion.

8. Your favourite aisle in the supermarket is where the sweets are.

Paramount Pictures / Via

9. You still like to play with lego whenever you get the chance.


NBC / Via sallyintheskywithdiamonds
NBC / Via skyscream

11. You sing and talk to yourself out loud all the time. / Via mylife-saver

12. You're quite happy to watch only Disney films.

Warner Bros. / Via

13. When you see a child doing something badly, you have to step in and make it right.

E4 / Via

14. You still play with trolleys at the supermarket.

15. All the cereal in your cupboard came from the "kids cereal section."

16. Birthday and Christmas presents still make you feel like this.

17. When people say stupid things you still make the 'duh' noise.

18. Hear the song of the ice cream van? You're THERE.


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