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    18 GIFs That Prove Science Is The Coolest Subject Ever

    Safety goggles on, please.

    1. Who wouldn't want to do this?

    2. "I just wanna be with my momma!" said the liquid dot.

    3. Only in space can you actually ride a magic carpet.

    4. Whut.

    5. That liquid is bending, guys.

    6. PHYSICS!

    7. Just magnets up to their magnificent work.


    8. Wanna see some crystallization?

    9. Oh, dry ice, how are you so cool?


    Pun intended.

    10. Just a bubble in extreme cold.

    11. Chemical elements burn with different colors.


    HOW COOL?!

    12. How in frick?!

    13. Oh no! My candle went out. NO PROBLEM!


    14. Ever tried to wring out a cloth in space? Nightmare.


    15. Science in slow motion is even better.

    16. This creepy monster thing is actually corn flour and water on a speaker.

    17. Probably how the Almighty makes glaciers.

    18. Getting this in my house.

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