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    17 Things Sex And The City Taught Brits About New York

    Things sure are different across the pond... (the following list should be taken with a pinch of salt.)

    1. Apparently to find an uncircumcised man is a rare and shocking moment.

    2. Seeing a shrink on the regular is completely normal. Everyone's got one.

    3. Nobody cooks.

    4. You can buy a SINGLE slice of pizza.

    5. You only need to write a newspaper column to afford to live on the Upper East Side.

    6. Nobody uses the subway (except that one time.)

    7. Everyone holidays in The Hamptons.

    8. People can bump into you on the street and not even care.

    9. It's totally practical to walk around in heels all the time.

    10. Actually, nobody wears a scrunchie in New York.

    11. There's always a new club/bar/restaurant to try.

    12. Don't take your shoes off at a party because someone might take them.

    13. You change who you're dating more times than you change your shoes.

    14. There are loads of great things to eat while outside.

    15. It's really easy to meet and date famous people.

    16. People actually go naked at the spa...

    17. You can dress in whatever the eff you want.

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