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17 Meerkats That Know Exactly What You're Going Through

Meerkats are basically tiny, furry humans with tails.

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1. When you wake up thinking about food.

2. When you're the one person at work who is always too hot.

3. When you're alone and you think you hear a noise.

4. How you feel after a long day and you meet with your sofa once again.

5. When you see someone in the street you really don't want to talk to.

6. When you DGAF.

7. When you had a really late night but you're somewhere important.

8. When someone has been mean to your pal.

9. Waking up from a nap and you're all 'Wait, where am I? What year is it?'

10. Trying to keep it together in the club.

11. When you think you've got a pizza in the freezer and then it turns out you've eaten it already.

12. When you're caught doing something you shouldn't be doing.

13. After smashing an all you can eat buffet.

14. When a stranger calls your name in the street but they're not actually talking to you.

15. The moment you realise how bad the hangover is.

16. When you're busy at work and then have a sudden moment of 'Did I lock the door?'

17. When you hear a noise in the night and someone has to decide to be the brave one.

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