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    15 Things This Overweight Girl Is Tired Of Hearing

    I don't care if you have the best intentions. Like Ronan said, sometimes you say it best when you say nothing at all

    1. You must be so unhealthy.

    Giphy / Via

    Contrary to popular belief, overweight people can be healthy too. I exercise at least three times a week, eat my recommended five portions of fruit and veg a day, and yet my BMI still classes as very overweight.

    I may not be considered as a healthy role model, but I would bet you any money that I lead a healthier lifestyle that the majority of size zero models displayed across glossy magazines that ultimately become teenage girls ‘thinspiration’.

    2. How do you manage to find such stylish clothes to fit you?


    What kind of question is this? Are you surprised that plus-size clothing companies dare to replicate the latest fashion trends for women larger than a size 14?

    Or would you prefer it if we all just walked around in our dieting sacks desperately awaiting the day we can join all the 14 year old girls searching for the perfect crop top and skinny jeans combo in River Island?

    3. So do you find it hard to date?


    Oh yeah, nobody wants to date someone who is overweight do they?

    Well, a recent study actually found that more than half of British women won’t date a man slimmer than them. I have also been out with guys myself that typically date larger women, and before you ask NO they do not have some kind of weird fetish, they just prefer the way we look.

    Some gentlemen prefer blondes, some gentlemen prefer curves. DEAL WITH IT.

    4. You must hate your body / Via

    Well, now you mentioned it… I couldn’t possible feel good about myself in this body, could I?

    Actually I’m more than happy with myself. Thanks for asking.

    5. You’re so bubbly! / Via


    You might as well just call me fat to my face to be honest love.

    6. Maybe you should just get a salad instead. / Via

    Whilst you eat that goddam beautiful plate of carbohydrates directly in front of my face? No thanks.

    No size 8 clothes look as good as a double bacon cheeseburger, fries and onion rings taste.

    7. Can you have sex? / Via

    They’re called love handles for a reason my friend!

    8. At least you’ve got bigger boobs than me. / Via

    Bigger boobs = major back pain and the hassle of ridiculously expensive bras. You are NOT making me feel better.

    Why don’t we just talk about how many more brain cells than you I have instead?

    9. I think your face would be so pretty if you were a bit thinner. / Via

    I’d also be so much richer if I had a bit more money and much less annoyed if you stepped away from this conversation.

    10. I’ve put on a lot of weight recently too… / Via

    No, skinny friend, you really haven’t. If you had you wouldn’t be trying to pull off those denim hot pants whilst complaining about your bloated, fat stomach.

    That slither of gluten-free bread you ate this morning has not affected your weight in anyway.

    11. I’ve heard great things about Slimming World. / Via

    If I hear one more of my mother’s friends discussing their syn intakes or try to sell me entry into this destructive club, I swear to god I will end up eating THEM.

    In what kind of messed up world are you allowed to eat copious amount of artificial pasta mugshots full of crap, but denied the right to enjoy an avocado?

    12. So are you feeling beach body ready? / Via

    If by ready you mean do I have a body that I will be taking with me to the beach this summer. Then yes, I am beach body ready.

    Clearly I will not be sporting the same thong bikini as the rest of you, but that’s fine.

    Thanks for bringing that up though.

    13. I bet you love Rebel Wilson.

    Giphy / Via

    Oh, because she’s overweight like me?

    I bet you love Katie Hopkins, she’s rude and insensitive JUST LIKE YOU!

    14. It’s all about finding the right balance between food and exercise / Via

    Please, give me more advice on things EVERYONE IN THE WORLD is already aware of.

    15. Did you have a tough childhood? / Via

    Just I’m overweight DOES NOT mean I had a terrible upbringing/was bullied/have no friends.

    Maybe cut down on your American teen drama intake?

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