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15 Kids Who Have Totally Got It Together

These kids are literally too cool for school.

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1. A life guru at the age of five.

2. Rocking. Not even bothered.

3. Making their own fun since 2012.

4. This kid is cooler than your kid.

5. She knows what's important in life.

6. If your dog isn't trained to wait while you have the time of your life in a puddle, you're doing it wrong.

7. Why walk when you can take the bumper of a truck?

8. Friends in high places.

9. Don't you know it, Honey Boo Boo!

10. Cruisin'

11. The absolute master of all fancy dress.

12. Pokes himself in the eye but carried on regardless. What a trooper.

13. A girl after my own heart.

14. Hey Gurl.

15. Meanwhile, at the Infant First Aid Academy for Geniuses.

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