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14 Things That Happen In January Without Fail

So much hope, yet so much misery.

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1. Everyone's all 'New year, new me!'

2. While fighting the sadness of party season being over.

3. We spend a lot of time trying to ignore 'eat pizza' urges and the like.

4. Gym novices are everywhere.

5. Gym regulars are furious about it.

6. People everywhere are desperately trying to finish their Christmas chocolate so they can start being healthy.

7. The Dry January brigade are heavily mourning alcohol.

8. Everyone is banging on about their new year's resolutions.

9. The whereabouts of payday is making even grown men cry.

10. Unwanted Christmas gifts are hitting eBay every minute.

11. Summer is now the only thing to look forward to and it's ages away.

12. Plans for the year are being made.

13. Tonnes of inspirational quotes are hitting Facebook feeds across the world.

14. We reflect on the year gone by, make lots of promises and then carry on exactly the same.

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