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11 Differences Between Dating In America Vs The UK

This is solely based on Sex and the City and Friends. Accuracy may vary.

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1. First of all, American's have the official term of 'dating'. Brits don't.

Our 'first dates' are an infinitely more awkward arrangement disguised under terms like 'Fancy a drink?'

(That's if we even bother with a date, sometimes relationships grow from a drunken shag.)

2. In the US, sometimes people date more than one person at a time.

Which is pretty much classed as slagging around to us Brits.

3. In America, there are rules about when to sleep with someone.

We just sort of see what happens...

4. Americans go on 'double dates'.

That would be way too awkward for Brits...

... In fact, it wouldn't even be considered a date, it'd just be hanging out with friends.

5. In the US people say 'I need a date' for events like weddings or NYE.

For Brits, events are the place to find your next lay.

6. American's are very picky about their dates, dumping someone at the first sign of incompatibility.

We'll take what we can get.

7. In the US, people go on dates in broad daylight.

We prefer to have cover of darkness.

8. American's don't even necessarily drink on a date.

In Britain there will always be alcohol.

9. If an American wants exclusivity in a relationship, you have to have 'the talk'.

Whereas if we ask someone out, exclusivity is assumed right from the start.

10. In America there seem to be a lot of dating rules, like not kissing on a first date or acting cool to not seem too keen.

Brits are a bit more straight forward.

11. American's can strike up conversations with complete strangers and get a date out of it.

When a stranger talks to a Brit, our weirdo alarm goes off.

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