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    28 Weird Products On Amazon Canada That Are Unexpectedly Useful

    Psst! Most things on this list are under $25!

    1. These silicone scrubbies that'll help you get your face squeaky clean, while also gently exfoliating and getting rid of product build-up like nobody's business. These flexible little pads are covered in tiny silicone bristles, and they have a helpful handle on the back so it won't slip out of your hand when you're all lathered up.

    2. This moisturizing tattoo ointment that'll help heal your fresh ink and give older tattoos the ~zhuzh~ they've been craving. Applying a thin layer of this balm will make a huge difference in the amount of itch and peeling you might experience after getting a new tattoo.

    3. This non-toxic leather honey that'll help clean everything from grimy boots to worn-down handbags in a matter of minutes. Just swipe it on with a soft cloth, and watch as it eliminates grime, grease, dirt, oil, and tough stains from all kinds of leather and vinyl. It even makes short work of unpleasant odours and dye transfer.

    4. This anti-chafing powder that'll keep your butt and bits dry and comfortable, no matter what you put them through. This sweat absorber and friction fighter contains calamine powder to help any and all skin irritations.

    A bottle of the anti-friction powder is laid flat on a carpet next to a dumbbell

    5. This transparent anti-slip tape that'll prevent unfortunate mishaps on staircases, tiled floors, boats, or any other slippy surfaces. BRB, covering my entire apartment in this because I am a walking disaster.

    A hand rolls the transparent non-slip tape across wooden stairs.

    6. These cut-resistant gloves that are basically like kitchen armour. They'll protect hands from mandolines, peelers, graters, and every other knife or blade, so you can focus on your culinary creations instead of stressing about minor nicks and cuts.

    7. This whale-shaped strainer, because draining potatoes and pasta is basically an accident waiting to happen. No more using a scalding lid, or tipping it against the sink. Reviewers really love the sturdy design, too!

    8. This protective spray that's basically like applying liquid armour to every surface in (and on!) your car. Reviewers love that it never looks or feels greasy, but still gives everything a satiny sheen — all while protecting their car from environmental factors and daily wear.

    9. This magic scuff eraser that'll help clean up suede and nubuck like nobody's business. You don't need any water, either, so there's no mess — just make sure you take it slow on coloured fabrics to make sure you don't lift the dye.

    10. This wonky deer and horse fly repellant that uses motion to prevent pesky bugs from swarming around you. All you need to do is clip it onto your hat, jacket, or anywhere else on your person, and this little dragonfly will do the rest. Reviewers swear by it, saying it's helped them avoid painful bites during camping and canoeing trips.

    A person wears the repellant clipped to the brim of their hat as it sways over their head

    11. These reusable silicone ice cubes that'll keep your drinks frosty without diluting them. These squishy little nuggets are filled with water and can be used all summer long to chill down everything from a frosty cocktail to lemonade.

    A glass is perched on a table, filled with several silicone ice cubes

    12. These magnetic toucan kitchen shears with a magnetic beak cover that'll attach to your fridge for easy access, and look cute as hell doing it. But they're not just aesthetically pleasing — they also have comfy soft-grip handles and a bottle-opener built right in.

    Toucan-shaped scissors are seen attached to a fridge door, holding up a grocery list

    13. These magnifying flip-lens glasses that'll let you put on your makeup (and actually see what you're doing in the process). Each lens flips up independently, so you can swap 'em when you're ready to perfect a winged liner on the other eye. Plus, these lenses offer 2.5 times the magnification, so you'll be able to see every detail of your handiwork.

    A person applies makeup while wearing the flip-lens glasses

    14. These wristbands that will help mitigate sea and motion sickness in kids and adults alike. This drug-free method uses gentle acupressure to help ease all manner of nausea — even morning sickness.

    15. A pocket wine aerator, so you can drink a perfect glass of vino, even if you don't feel like decanting a whole bottle. This battery-operated little gadget has three presets (for port, red, and white wine) and can aerate a full glass in as little as 15 seconds.

    16. This yolk separator that'll easily gulp up egg yolks, while leaving the whites untouched. Squeeze the soft silicone cheeks, bring the mouth to the yolk, and release — easy peasy!

    17. A peeling clay mask made of sweet tea and lemon (you read that right) that'll help tone and smooth your skin. It's super rich in antioxidants, and thanks to the clay, it draws out impurities and gunky build-up with ease. Reviewers say it works wonders on stubborn blackheads, too.

    A bottle of the peel-off mask lies on a table next to slices of pizza and a glass of iced tea

    18. This iron fish that'll help to naturally inject iron into your diet, just by being dropped into broths, stews, or other boiling liquids. Supplements can be pricey — and aren't always suitable for everyone — but this little pal is great for pregnant people, vegans, and even kids.

    19. A cake saw, so you can slice yourself off a nice big chunk of dessert. This sturdy tool will cut through even the densest confectionary, and can even be used to chop salad ingredients — the blades are sharp enough to make short work of lettuce, and won't get discoloured or stained, either.

    A hand saws a dark chocolate cake in half using the cake saw

    20. This dog-walking cap with built-in LED lights that'll be an absolute blessing on those late-night (or early morning) dog walks. The LED lights are mounted on the brim, so you can see where you're going — and not accidentally step in Fido's poops.

    21. This neat little electric foot file that'll help get your tootsies feeling softer than a baby's bum. Instead of sloughing off tough skin by hand, this baby does all the work for you — plus, it actually collects all the debris, instead of letting it fly around like sawdust made of human skin.

    A hand holds up the electric foot file to show the abrasive buffing side

    22. This purifying cap that'll sanitize the contents of your water bottle using powerful UV rays. This USB-rechargeable lid shoots disinfecting light into the depths of your bottle, killing 99.99% of all viruses and bacteria. It lasts for up to a week on a single charge, too!

    23. This mustard bath that'll help ease muscle and joint pain, and makes for a powerful cold remedy, too. It's the combination of zippy mustard seed, eucalyptus, rosemary, and wintergreen that makes this particularly effective — it coaxes impurities out of the skin, helps unclog stuffy sinuses, and promotes muscle recovery!

    A jar of the mustard bath is in sharp relief against a blurry backdrop of two other bottles of the same product

    24. A pocket-sized microscope, because sometimes a regular old magnifying glass just isn't enough. This handheld wonder is incredibly powerful, making it a great item to have on hand when you're doing detail work around the house. Have little tots who are budding scientists? This is a great entry-level 'scope to help fuel their passions!

    A hand holds up the pocket sized microscope against a plain background to demonstrate its small size

    25. A jelly eye mask that'll make you feel like the Caped Crusader — and give you softer, smoother skin, too. The non-comedogenic formula (read: no breakouts!) specifically targets tired, frazzled skin around the eyes, giving it a hydrating refresh in just 15 minutes.

    A person tears open the top of the jelly eye mask packaging

    26. Some farfalloni pot grips that will help protect your hands from kitchen ouchies, and look cute as hell doing it. Reviewers love them, too, saying they work perfectly, and are especially useful for pots with steel or cast iron handles.

    A noodle-shaped pot grip is seen on the handles of a pot while the second one lies next to it

    27. An antimicrobial button pusher that'll help you open doors, press the elevator buttons, and use ATM machines without actually using your fingers. This slim copper tool is designed to attach right to your key ring, so chances are you won't lose it, either.

    28. And lastly, this magical lil' guppy that'll quickly and easily eliminate odours from your hands. Garlic, fish, and onions don't stand a chance! Give your hands a scrub for 30 seconds in cold water (like you would with regular soap) and let the stainless steel fish do the rest.

    Are these items a bit odd? Sure. Are they also incredibly useful? Also yes.

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