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    19 Patio Products From Amazon Canada That’ll Help You Live Your Best Outdoor Life

    Snoozes, drinks, snuggles, and all things cozy.

    1. A watermelon tapper, because drinks on the patio are arguably the best parts of summer. It comes with instructions as well as a keg tap and a coring tool, so you can sip fruity (possibly boozy!) drinks all summer long.

    2. A sturdy hammock for those days when you just need a little snoozle in the sunshine. The stand is weather-resistant, sturdy, and can hold two adults if you're looking to get your cuddle on. It can also be used inside when the weather starts to cool down!

    A person lying down in a self-supporting hammock outside

    3. Some cotton plant hangers to give your outdoor space a homey feel. Plant some pretty flowers or herbs that you can use in your cooking, or some succulents, because they're low-key the best kind of plant.

    4. Some solar fairy lights for a little whimsical atmosphere in the evenings. They're 33 feet long, can be used for about eight hours if they've spent all days soaking up the sun, and are safe to leave out in all weather.

    Fairy lights draped across a deck in the evening

    5. Or some hanging metal lights for a rustic vibe during laid back evenings. The metal lanterns won't oxidize or rust overtime and the clear bulbs create a warm glow that'll have you feeling all kinds of cozy.

    Hanging metal lanterns illuminate an outdoor area

    6. An indoor/outdoor grill that can be brought inside when the weather gets chilly. It has a removable grill stand that works great on the patio but can be taken off for cooking on the countertop, because in Canada we are at the mercy of our weather. It's totally electric, so you don't have to worry about charcoal, propane, or dangerous flare-ups.

    7. An inflatable cooler/serving tray that'll help keep drinks and food cold in the hot summer sun. Just fill it up with ice, pop in some beer, wine, and snacks, and consider the party to be officially started. It has a plug on the bottom for draining and it folds up for easy storage.

    An inflatable cooler filed with ice, drinks, and snacks

    8. Some reusable freezie bags that'll help you cool down when it's 30 degrees (without humidity!) outside and you're starting to melt. Just mix together your favourite juices (or alcohols), pop them in the bag, seal them, freeze them, and enjoy!

    9. A portable firepit for those chilly summer nights when you need a bit of warmth. It's compact, easy to carry, doesn't leave behind any mess, and gives off smokeless flames.

    10. A hummingbird feeder for a sweet little nature moment if you've ever wanted to pull a Snow White and summon woodland friends. It has ten feeding ports (so multiple birds can have a little snack!) and is easy to fill and clean.

    A hummingbird perches on a feeder

    11. A portable Bluetooth speaker, so you can play your tunes outside and have a little dance party. It has about ten hours of wireless playtime and has LED lights that you can switch between rainbow and moonlight, depending on the vibe you're going for.

    People sit on a bench, drinking, with a Bluetooth speaker on the table

    12. A ready-to-hang shade that'll protect you from the sun and give you a cool spot on warmer days. Reviewers say it's super sturdy and weather resistant, so you enjoy it even on windy days, and the material won't become mildewy in the rain.

    Two kids sitting on the grass with a shade over them

    13. A zero gravity lounge chair for a truly relaxing, weightless feel. It has a padded headrest and comfy armrests, so you'll probably fall asleep in no time. It's also weather resistant, so you can leave it outside all summer.

    A lounge chair beside a table

    14. And a little side table, because you need somewhere for all your snacks and a safe spot for your phone. It folds up, so it's easy to move around, and is weather resistant, so it won't fade or rust over time.

    A small table with some water, a phone, and a banana on it

    15. Some lightweight, unbreakable plates that are perfect for dinners outside, since they won't chip if you drop them on concrete. They're also dishwasher and microwave safe, so cleaning and heating up is a breeze!

    16. And a set of 12 unbreakable, recyclable wine glasses, because your good crystal glasses shouldn't be used outside. They won't chip or crack, so all you have to do is say cheers!

    17. A mosquito netting screen that'll let you enjoy the sunshine and the breeze without wasps or bees getting all up in your business. It has a zipper entrance and a diameter of about ten feet, so you and your fam can sit together and play board games without any unwanted guests interrupting.

    A mosquito net covers a table big enough for several people

    18. A hanging macrame chair that's just begging you to grab a book and get cozy with it. It comes with everything you need to hang it, so you'll feel like you're sitting on a cloud in no time.

    A person sits in a hanging chair outside

    19. And lastly, a citronella candle, because swatting at mosquitos is no way to spend your evening. Save your ankles from bites and enjoy the smell and glow of this candle that'll burn for about 35 hours.

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