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    22 Things That Are So Genius, They May Actually Surprise You

    Necklaces, drinkware, rolling pins, hair clips — and all genius.

    1. These chilled-out martini glasses that'll help keep your drink nice and frosty (without diluting it). Pop them in the freezer for two hours, and enjoy a chilled beverage for an entire evening — reviewers say they're easy to use and kept their drinks at the perfect temperature.

    A pair of chilled martini glasses filled with margaritas on a marble countertop

    2. Some refreshing testicle powder that'll keep your best pals dry and comfy, even during the hottest days of the year. The refreshing green tea scent is combined with hemp seed oil and cucumber extract to help minimize friction and chafing. Reviewers say their downstairs situation is fresh, sweat free, and that the powder leaves a nice lil' tingling feeling.

    A bottle of the powder on a plain background

    3. This stainless steel roll-up kitchen rack that'll help with dish drying and kitchen prep, without taking up all your precious counter space. The sturdy design has rubber tips to keep it locked in place, and when you're done, just roll it up and stash away!

    4. Some waterproof hydrocolloid bandages that will actually help blisters, cuts, minor burns and scratches heal faster. I LOVE that they have a cushioned gel pad which helps to prevent pain and further chafing. And since they keep things protected and clean, your skin can actually focus on repairing itself.

    5. A pocket wine aerator, so you can drink a perfect glass of vino, even if you don't feel like decanting a whole bottle. This battery-operated little gadget has three presets (for port, red, and white wine) and can aerate a full glass in as little as 15 seconds.

    6. A 3-in-1 ottoman storage table that's capacious enough to hold blankets, slippers, and extra pillows, and still give you a stable surface to perch your tea on. And since it's incredibly lightweight, you can move it wherever you need an extra seat or storage compartment.

    7. A frozen herb keeper that'll basically turn any fresh leafy herb into a handy popsicle that you can chop or grate into your meals. Just pop in some freshly-washed herbs and stash it in the freezer. When you're craving some herbal action, twist the top — then just cut or grate over your dish!

    8. These Invisibobble hair pins that'll help keep your mane out of your face and off the back of your neck. Unlike regular old bobby pins, these ones have no metal and are inspired by the brand's much-loved spiral hair ties. Plus, they have a neat little closure that snaps into place, so you don't have to worry about them slipping out, never to be seen again.

    9. These vacuum seal bottle stoppers that'll keep precious liquids (like wine) tasting fresh long after you've opened the bottle. They're ridiculously easy to use — just pop one of the included stoppers into the open bottle, then use the handheld vacuum to suction out the air and create an airtight seal on the bottle. Done!

    A hand uses the hand-held vacuum to pump air out of a glass bottle

    10. Some sweat-inducing skin cream that'll help boost muscle activity during your next work-out. It boosts thermogenesis (the process of heat production) to encourage muscles to work harder and sweat more, resulting in a way more effective workout. Reviewers say it's also helped them warm up for their workouts way faster!

    A person rolls the skin cream onto their quadriceps during a game of soccer

    11. A lidded ice cube tray that'll help prevent spills, make stacking multiple trays a lot easier, AND keep your frosty cubes from absorbing gross smells from the freezer. You'll be able to release as many cubes as you want (without scattering the rest on your counter).

    The lidded ice cube tray lays half open on a counter next to a glass of iced tea, a cutting board with fresh fruit, and some mint

    12. A wall-mounted polar bear key holder that'll help keep your keys easily accessible, so you never have to frantically ask, "Where are my keys?!" ever again. Snap the bear onto your key chain, then simply slip him into the specially-designed nook when you get home. Easy-peasy!

    A double photo of a person putting the polar bear key chain into the wall mounted book

    13. This magic scuff eraser that'll help clean up suede and nubuck like nobody's business. You don't need any water, either, so there's no mess — just make sure you take it slow on coloured fabrics to make sure you don't lift the dye.

    14. A collapsible silicone colander that'll help you drain your fruits and veggies, and then disappear into your cupboard when you're not using it. The teeny-tiny holes allow for great drainage, without taking your pasta or grains with it. And reviewers say it's pretty robust, too, so you don't have to sacrifice function for durability.

    15. Some precision-tip tweezers, so you can remove splinters and annoying ingrown hairs with ease. The tips are perfectly aligned, so you can grip it and rip it! Well, not rip it. But you get the picture. They are quite sharp, though — but don't fret. They come with a little silicone cover that'll help protect you from unwanted stabs.

    16. This stylish smart health tracker that'll keep tabs on everything from calories you burn to sleep patterns, all the way through to your reproductive health. The water-resistant body is wrapped in stainless steel, so you can go ahead and wear this 24/7. And since it looks like a stylish piece of jewelry, there's no reason you wouldn't!

    17. These badass meat-shredding claws that'll make short work of brisket, roasted chicken, or pulled pork. They may be lightweight, but they're specially engineered to help lift, turn, and obviously shred just about any kind of protein.

    18. This single-serve pour-over coffee maker, so you can brew yourself a cup of java quickly and easily. It fits on basically any kind of container, whether it's your favourite mug or a to-go cup. Reviewers love that it makes a delicious brew, and say it's helped them waste less coffee if they're making a cup just for themselves.

    19. This colour-depositing hair mask that'll give your colour a boost without having to do a full dye job. It also doubles as a fantastic deep conditioning mask that'll restore some lustre to dull, lifeless locks. Reviewers say it makes their hair super shiny and soft to the touch, and gives them great colour coverage, too!

    20. An adjustable rolling pin that'll help you make perfect cookies, pastries, and pizzas. The removal discs allow you to customize the rolling thickness, so you can ACTUALLY make thin-crust pizza at home. Reviewers say it's also awesome for whipping up some homemade pasta!

    The rolling pin resting on a countertop with various bakeware scattered around

    21. A grassy bottle-drying rack, so your bottles, jars, and food containers can actually dry out after you wash them. The silicone nodes will keep everything upright, and the bottom rack will collect all the water — no more soaking wet countertops! Reviewers use it for everything from baby bottles, to mugs, smoothie jars, and toothbrushes, too.

    The drying racks on a kitchen counter with baby bottles perched on top of the grassy nodes

    22. And finally, an antimicrobial button pusher that'll help you open doors, press the elevator buttons, and use ATMs without actually using your fingers. This slim copper tool is designed to attach right to your key ring, so chances are you won't lose it, either.

    You after using these brilliant gadgets:

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