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    29 Body, Hair, And Face Masks That Will Basically Turn You Into A Brand New Person

    When in doubt, put a mask on it.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI โ€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. This Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask that fizzes up to gently massage any build-up out of your pores. You can actually feel the oil leaving your skin, which I'm pretty sure is something that all acne-afflicted people want to experience.

    Lara Parker / Via BuzzFeed

    "This face mask was awesome. It was fun, didn't take long, and it's fun as hell to Snapchat. What else could you ask for in a face mask? It also left my face feeling amazing. My skin was a little red after, which I actually didn't mind, because it hadn't felt that clean in weeks. The next morning when I woke up the redness was completely faded and I just felt... cleaner. I would definitely use this again!" โ€”Lara Parker (read their whole review here)

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $16.

    2. A pair of lemon-scented foot peel booties that are packed with moisturizing ingredients and will make you shed your dead skin like a snake (equal parts gross and satisfying). Reviewers say they don't irritate their sensitive skin and even help get rid of hard calluses.

    Amazon / Via

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $16.95. Available in three scents and double and triple packs.

    3. A tub on Eden Bodyworks natural deep conditioner that's basically like a tall drink of water for your hair. It's infused with jojoba, chamomile, coconut, castor, and tea tree oils to give your strands the hydration they've been craving. Reviewers say it's particularly awesome for type 3 and 4 curls.

    A person holding the tub of deep conditioner under their chin
    Amazon / Via

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $27.49.

    4. This hydrating Aveeno hand mask, if your digits could use a little TLC and hand cream just isn't cutting it. Reviewers say they're great for eczema and can transform even the driest, most cracked hands.

    A person holding the hand masks in their package
    @aveenoca / Via

    Get one pair on Amazon Canada for $3.99.

    5. A tub of Australian pink clay mask that'll detox, cleanse, and purify your pores, leaving your face feeling fresh. It works wonders on eczema and acne, and can help speed up the healing process, if you've picked at your active zits (something we're all guilty of).

    Farrah Penn / BuzzFeed

    "I have tried what feels like 500,000,000 different types of face masks because I like relaxing and living my life. I typically go for Aztec Secret when I want an intense purging of my pores, but I was curious about Australian pink clay since it supposedly removes toxins, stimulates cell regeneration, reduces skin inflammation, tightens pores, and provides anti-aging results. The Alya pink clay mask is gentle, but strong and smells AMAZING โ€” a little bit like floral, I think? My skin felt like it was glowing and looked more evenly toned once I washed it off. I felt VERY pampered. Also, Alya is cruelty free โ€” which is important to me." โ€”Farrah Penn

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $49.99.

    6. A pack of cooling gold eye masks that'll help banish dark circles and work magic on fine lines and wrinkles. Theyโ€™re infused hyaluronic acid, so they'll soothe and moisturize your skin, too.

    A person wearing a robe and holding a pack of gold eye masks
    @sdaraskincare / Via

    Get a pack of six pairs on Amazon Canada for $17.96.

    7. A 16-pack of Korean sheet masks with different formulas to address all of your skincare woes. Though each type of mask has its own benefits, all of them are packed with collagen to leave you with plumper, healthier skin.

    Amazon / Via, Samantha Wieder / Via BuzzFeed

    "Not only do these face masks have ZERO negative effects on my skin, they actually have POSITIVE effects! They hydrate my skin and leave it feeling firmer. I actually love them SO MUCH that I am willing to share this awksauce selfie of me wearing one. And they are SO easy to use! I cleanse my face with warm water, put this on and center it so the open areas fit around my eyes and mouth, sit with it for about 15โ€“20 minutes (usually while binge-watching Queer Eye and thinking about how proud Jonathan would be of me), then I take it off, throw it away, and massage the remainder of the essence into my face until it's fully absorbed." โ€”Samantha Wieder

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $30.99.

    8. A tube of Caudalie glycolic peel mask that does the work of a scrub and a peel, and will leave you with glowy (not greasy) skin. Reviewers say it minimizes imperfections and is gentle enough to use multiple times a week.

    A person wearing the mask on their face and holding up a tube of it
    @caudalieus / Via

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $28.86.

    9. A tub of purple hair mask that'll breathe new life into your bleach job and help you banish brassy tones once and for all. It has over 7,000 positive reviews and people say it works almost instantly (be careful not to leave it on too long or you may end up with purple hair).

    @bolduniq / Via, @bolduniq / Via

    Reviews warn that wearing gloves (which are included) is actually important because the colour is so strong that you may end up with purple hands.

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $29.95.

    10. A Garnier pomegranate face mask that'll prevent moisture loss throughout the day and give you some seriously baby soft skin. Welcome to hydration station, friend!

    Kaysey Davis / Via BuzzFeed

    "I have oily/combination skin, so my cheeks and chin tend to be drier than the T-zone. With this pomegranate face mask, I can just sit back and relax while my skin soaks up all the liquid goodness. Even after I remove the mask, there is so much product left on my skin and in the package that I use it the excess serum on my neck. I can immediately see brighter, smoother, and more hydrated skin after just 15 minutes on my face. I use them a couple times a week before I go to bed, so I wake up with my skin at its best." โ€”Kaysey Davis

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $2.98.

    11. A tub of sebum-control volcanic clay mask that'll save your skin from erupting in acne and fix any problems that are already there. Reviewers love that it leaves behind a cooling sensation and say it exfoliates their skin, too!

    Amazon / Via, @innisfreecanada / Via

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $27.99.

    12. A jelly lip mask that'll get your chapped, dehydrated pout some much-needed moisture. Reviewers say that you can even wear them overnight, if you need an extra dose of hydration.

    Amazon / Via

    Get a pack of 30 for $15.99.

    13. A tub of overnight avocado mask specifically formulated for sensitive skin that'll repair your skin while you snooze. Reviewers say they wake up with ultra-soft skin the day after using it and love that it doesn't leave behind any sticky residue.

    Amazon / Via

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $22.47.

    14. A jar of cult-favourite bentonite clay mask that will suck every last bit of gunk out of your pores in under 20 minutes (and make you look like a swamp monster while doing so). You can also use it as a spot treatment, if you don't want to cover your whole face.

    Alice Prendergast / Via BuzzFeed

    Using it is simple: you mix the powdery clay with equal parts water or apple cider vinegar (I like to do a combo of the two), and apply it to your face as you would any other face mask. Check out our full review here to see before and after pics.

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $19.95. Also available in a larger size (it's only five cents more right now!).

    15. A pair of knee-high moisturizing socks that are packed with menthol, so they'll cool you down, too! Reviewers love that they give their legs some love, unlike most foot masks.

    A person putting on the moisturizing socks on their bed
    eslena_official / Via

    Get one pair on Amazon Canada for $15.89.

    16. A jar of dead sea mud mask that'll get rid of acne, blackheads, whiteheads, dead skin cells, and other impurities from your face. It comes with a spatula, so you won't get your hands covered in goop or waste any extra product.

    Grace & Stella / Via

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $17.15.

    17. A tube of holographic grapefruit peel-off mask infused with vitamin C that'll leave you with smooth, glowing skin. The tube has a silicone tip that makes the product super easy (and mess free) to apply.

    Amazon / Via

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $19.97.

    18. A tub of hydrating hair mask from Shea Moisture that'll fight frizz and soften every strand of hair on your head. Reviewers say it's great for all hair types and smells like an absolute dream.

    A person holding a tub of Shea Moisture hair masque
    @sheamoistureca / Via

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $22.99.

    19. A pack of acne-fighting sheet masks packed with salicylic acid to combat blemishes. They're also infused with castor and jojoba oil to keep your skin moisturized and free of irritation.

    Amazon / Via

    Get a pack of six fo $12.95.

    20. A tube of charcoal face mask that'll painlessly peel blackheads and other impurities out of your skin without removing natural oils. Reviewers say it's a great treatment for oily T-zones and satisfyingly peels off in one piece.

    no b.s. / Via

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $59.07.

    21. A pack of Gold & Snail Hydrogel eye patches that will hydrate your eye area with actual snail mucus. Yes, it sounds a little gross, but it's actually amazing at getting rid of puffiness and dark circles.

    Bek O'Connell / BuzzFeed

    "They're made with snail extract, which is known to help with blemishes and hyperpigmentation, so yes! It helps with those dark circles. It's also moisturizing and can be used on other parts of your face to combat acne scars or smile lines. You can even put it in the fridge to help with puffiness. Despite being made out of snail goo, it smells pretty good. Plus, the gold makes the whole experience pretty luxurious." โ€”Bek O'Connell

    Get a container of 60 on Amazon Canada for $19.99.

    22. A Wella Naturals hair mask that'll bring your dry, damaged, colour-treated hair back to life. You can also use it as a deep conditioner, if you don't have time to commit to a mask.

    Alice Prendergast / Via BuzzFeed

    I have coloured my hair a few too many times and whenever it starts to look a little too scraggly for my liking, I bust out this stuff. It repairs, moisturizes, and does everything a good mask should. It also makes it look like I just went to the hair salon and leaves my hair smelling stupid good.

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $48.99.

    23. A tube of Origin's charcoal mask that'll pull dirt and grime right out of your pores and leave your face feeling fresh. If you're not in the mood for a whole mask, you can just dab it on your problem areas.

    A person wearing a bow hairband and the charcoal mask
    Maitland Quitmeyer / Via BuzzFeed

    "In addition to the daily routine, I use Origin's active charcoal mask about once a week, which clears out my pores, rids my skin of pollutants from the air, removes excess oil, and squashes any burgeoning pimples in their tracks. It keeps my skin SO clear without drying it out or irritating it. Plus, you can use it as a spot treatment for acne." โ€”Maitland Quitmeyer

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $39.95.

    24. A tub of SKINFOOD strawberry mask that'll gently exfoliate your face without irritating your sensitive skin. One BuzzFeed writer says it leaves their skin feeling clean, smooth, and moisturized, and removes grossness from their pores, too. Hello fruity goodness, buh-bye blackheads!

    AnaMaria Glavan / Via BuzzFeed

    The SKINFOOD company uses food ingredients in all its products and focuses on using eco-friendly and sustainable growing methods for all their ingredients.

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $19.80.

    25. This Peter Thomas Roth mask that'll absorb up all the excess oil on your face and has a healthy dose of eucalyptus to prevent future pimple problems. If your face is starting to become breakout city thanks to sweat, you probably need this in your life.

    Terri Pous / Via BuzzFeed

    "Let me tell you, this stuff works. I still get a zit here and there (nothing is a miracle product, after all), but the zits are smaller than usual and my skin overall feels smoother and my complexion looks much more even. It's not the cheapest, but I've been told one container lasts a while and compared to the amount of money I've spent fighting acne, it's a drop in the bucket." โ€”Terri Pous

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $52.

    26. This coconut oil hair mask that deep conditions and hydrates your hair to the max without making it oily. It also helps with dandruff, if you're tired of finding flakes in your roots.

    Amazon / Via

    If you want your hair to smell like a beach vacation, this will also do the trick.

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $15.99.

    27. A pack of hydrogel undereye patches loaded with good-for-skin ingredients like green tea, aloe vera, and vitamin E. They target puffiness, so they'll make you look like you've slept like a baby (even when you haven't).

    Amazon / Via, @skinrepublic / Via

    Get a pack of three pairs for $10.51.

    28. A pack of natural tea tree sheet masks that are packed with antioxidants to soothe your irritated pores. Reviewers say they're great for calming down angry breakouts and also dramatically improve the texture of skin.

    A person wearing the sheet mask on their face
    Amazon / Via

    Get a pack of five on Amazon Canada for $22.93.

    29. And finally, a tub of Coco & Eve Like a Virgin Hair Masque that'll make your locks sleeker and shinier than ever. It comes with a tangle tamer brush that'll help you evenly distribute the product, so you don't end up with any dry patches.

    Maitland Quitmeyer / BuzzFeed

    "I have never ever had such results blowing out my own hair. Idk if I've *ever* seen my hair so shiny. Look at how it catches the light! I could not stop touching my hair, twirling and running my fingers through it without catching on any knots, frayed bits, or fried bits. AND THE SMELL. You guys, when I first used this, I would literally wake up in the middle of the night to adjust my pillow, consciously think 'wow my hair smells so good' and then go back to sleep. My hair looked healthier, felt healthier, and styled surprisingly easily. And while I have a lot of hair, I've used it a couple times and still have several uses left in the jar. Almost $65 might seem steep, but wow wow wow, this is the most effective hair mask I've tried to date.โ€”Maitland Quitmeyer

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $64.90.

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