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    Here Are 28 Cool Things I'm Pretty Sure You'll Wanna Try As Soon As Humanly Possible

    It's time to do some product research.

    1. A velour version of lululemon's Everywhere Belt Bag you'll wanna snatch before it sells out (again). It's softer than the OG version, with chic gold detailing that'll pair perfectly with your dressier winter 'fits.

    a person wearing the velour belt bag slung across their chest

    2. A Souper freezing tray so you can pre-make and pre-portion all your meals (and save yourself some time during busy weeks). Each slot has a 1/2 cup capacity, and it comes with a lid to keep freezer stink at bay.

    a top down view of the souper cube silicone tray filled with frozen food

    3. A copy of How To Live On The Internet And Not Let It Run Your Life if you're having a hard time disconnecting. It's full of tips 'n' tricks that'll help preserve your mental health, while teaching valuable lessons on navigating tech monopolies.

    the cover of how to live with the internet and not let it run your life

    4. A set of budgeting envelopes so you can keep a closer eye on your stacks. To make things even easier, they're waterproof, tear-proof, and colour-coded, so you'll always know how much dough you've got each month.

    a flatlay of the cash budgeting envelopes

    5. A phone-compatible flash drive if you're not too keen on paying extra for cloud storage. And since it can be plugged right into your device (including tablets, btw!), you won't even need to hunt down a cable when you're trying to back up your vacation pics.

    a person plugging the flash drive directly into their phone's port

    6. A pair of funky (and waterproof!) Sorel boots that'll keep your feet lookin' cute and feeling dry while Mother Nature sorts out her stuff. The thick treaded sole will be *chef's kiss* for strutting down slippery sidewalks, too.

    a person walking in the sorel mid-height boots

    7. A pack of oil solidifying powder that'll make cleaning post-meal messes almost impossibly quick. Think of yourself as a grease-fighting fairy, sprinkling magic dust into hot frying oil and watching it transform into an easy-to-scrape away solid.

    8. A tube of Glow Recipe Avocado Ceramide cleanser that'll help get your skin barrier back in check. If dry air and stress have been wreaking havoc on your face, then you've gotta give this a go.

    a person holding a tube of the glow recipe cleanser against their foamy face

    9. A pair of convertible Mejuri earrings you can style two different ways. Wear 'em as chic drops, or take off the dangly bits and rock them as huggies if that's more your vibe.

    10. A packet of dishwasher-cleaning tablets that'll help you revive (and de-gunk) your smelly old machine. They'll slowly dissolve during the cleaning cycle, melting away icky buildup and saving you from having to scrub the whole damn thing by hand.

    11. A pair of hiccup-curing straws that reviewers swear work instantly. To activate the magic, you'll just need one glass of water. Sip, sip, hooray!

    a person sipping water using the hiccup curing straw

    12. A laptop tray that can double as a side table when you're in a pinch. The Z-shaped design means you can tuck it flush against your furniture, which is just *fab* if you're already short on real estate.

    13. A pair of UGG Tasman LTA slippers that'll keep your sweet feet from freezing to death this winter. They've got a grippy non-slip sole, which means you can rock 'em both indoors and outdoors.

    a pair of quilted ugg tasman lta slippers

    14. A memory foam lumbar support pillow so you can treat your achy-breaky back to some comfort (it deserves it, TBH). And if you like to keep your phone handy, there's a petite pocket on the side where you can stash your device.

    a memory foam lumbar pillow on a chair

    15. A Freck duo so you can fake freckz and big, bold lashes in a flash. The mascara's infused with peptides, too, which means lil' lashes will get a strengthening boost with every application.

    the freck mascara and freckle pen duo

    16. A set of pastel-hued prep bowls that might actually make you excited to cook. They have transparent lids, which means you'll be able to sneak a peek at what's inside without having to peel off the top.

    a set of pastel coloured prep bowls on a marble kitchen counter

    17. A squishy gel head wrap that'll cool down your noggin and help ease fevers, migraines, and sinus congestion. It'll stay cold longer than ice and block out beams of light that might aggravate your condition.

    a person laying on the couch while wearing the slip-on head wrap

    18. A pack of shower curtain clips if you're sick of your curtain flapping open every time you wanna take a toasty shower (is that too much to ask?!). Their adhesive backing makes them a snap to install, too.

    a person clipping their shower curtain into the clips

    19. A bottle of Cosrx propolis serum that has reviewers raving about its hydrating powers. In case you're like, "What the heck is propolis?", it's a powerful anti-inflammatory that's produced by bees (that means it may feel a tad sticky at first, but don't fret — it'll melt right into your skin in moments).

    20. A pack of colourful cable ties that'll help you keep your cords and chargers organized in 2023. Reviewers say the Velcro closure is incredibly durable, which is great news if you ever need to re-sort your stuff.

    a set of colourful cable ties wrapped around bundles of cords

    21. A powerful air purifier that won't look out of place among your stylish home decor. It doubles as a planter, working to maximize your leafy baby's natural powers, and, best of all, you won't even need to change out its filter.

    a smiling person sitting on a couch next to the air purifier that looks like a planter

    22. A massage roller if you've got some facial tension you'd like to make disappear ASAP. Rolling it over your skin will give it that just-left-the-spa glow, or you can use the rose quartz tip to pinpoint stress around your eyes or temples.

    a person rolling the wand over a sheet mask on their face

    23. A bronze lighter case that'll keep your sticky-fingered buddies from constantly stealing yours. It doesn't hurt that it'll dress up your accessory, too.

    someone sliding a lighter into the protective bronze case

    24. An Ostrichpillow pad you can use hot *or* cold depending on your needs. Popping it into the microwave will turn it into a cozy, snuggly heating pad for warming up after a day shovelling snow, or you can leave it in the freezer to use as an ice pack on sore muscles or small booboos.

    a person lying in bed and cuddling with the ostrichpillow

    25. A Blume clay mask that'll suck the gunk outta your pores and give them the refresh they probs need right now. In addition to tackling breakouts like a total pro, it'll also leave your skin feeling smooth and soft (instead of dry and tight).

    a person holding up a tube of the clay mask while wearing the product on their face

    26. A roll-up dish strainer if your counter space is far too limited to accommodate a drying rack. Reviewers love the rubber ends that keep it locked in place when it's laden down with pots 'n' pans.

    someone unfurling the roll up dish rack over their sink

    27. A NUDEStix mattifying balm you can swipe on wherever (and whenever) you feel a little shininess coming on. The creamy formula is packed with volcanic ash that'll suck up any oiliness, while helping to keep blemishes from cropping up.

    28. And lastly, a pair of silicone oven mitts with actual digits that'll make gripping hot stuff a heck of a lot easier. Reviewers love the improved dexterity and longer length that protects their forearms from getting singed during deep dives into the oven.

    one of the silicone oven gloves hanging on a kitchen rack

    Time to pounce on these sweet finds!

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