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    25 Things That’ll Satisfy Your Nerdiest Needs

    Live long and prosper, friends.

    1. The perfect accessory for your knightly cup of tea: a silicone sword tea infuser with a handy little hilt to avoid any burns.

    2. Ghost didn't appear much in the latest season of Game of Thrones, but this adorable Funko Pop figurine will ensure he lives on forever in your home, and in your heart.

    3. Cozmo, the little educational robot that creatively helps adults and kids learn to code. It's beginner-friendly, durable, and fun.

    4. The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook so you can whip up a fresh batch of Cauldron Cakes or even a Knickerbocker Glory (screw you, Dudley).

    5. This colour-changing dinosaur mug will let you watch the flesh dissolve off a once-majestic dino as you pour a hot beverage.

    6. Even you can sit on the Iron Throne with this nifty toilet decal. It's perfect for making some of your own royal moves.

    7. This super awesome lightsaber umbrella so you can showcase your allegiance to the Rebel Alliance (or the Empire, no judgement) while staying nice and dry.

    8. A pair of Spock socks perfect for every ~TREK~.

    9. The Atlas of Improbable Places: A Journey to the World's Most Unusual Corners that details the most unusual, secretive, and bizarre places in the world.

    10. A beautiful set of glass brain slice coasters that are guaranteed to get the conversation going at your next dinner party. It's really a no-brainer, you guys.

    11. Strike back at your snack cravings with this Death Star hot air popcorn machine.

    12. Scientists tell us that people who swear have higher IQs, so this hilarious card game is a clear choice. You know, in the name of science.

    13. A Back to the Future vanity plate so you can quickly let everyone know that not only are you very cool, but also extremely busy.

    14. This Yellow Submarine LEGO kit to really kick that sense of nostalgia into hypersonic overdrive.

    15. The Ferrari of computer mice, this Razer Death Adder Elite Esports gaming mouse, perfect for vanquishing your online enemies...or just making sure you snag that online sale item before it sells out. SPEEDY.

    16. Satisfy your James Bond fantasies at your next game night with Code Names, the game of reasoning and logic.

    17. Want to keep your co-workers from stealing your lunch?(LOOKING AT YOU, KAREN.) Look no further than this EMT Meal Transport bag, virtually guaranteed to keep sticky fingers away from those leftovers you've been waiting all day to munch on.

    18. Journey through the cosmos without ever leaving your couch (or bed, no one will know) with Neil deGrasse Tyson's Death By Black Hole: And Other Cosmic Quandries.

    19. I get it, camping is fun. But you know what's more fun? Enjoying the pure gooey pleasure of s'mores from the comfort of your home with this microwavable s'mores maker.

    20. If the topic of baking (and ~the birds and the bees~) still makes you a wee bit squeamish, this tongue-in-cheek (or tongue-in-somewhere-else) cookbook is perfect for you.

    21. True crime dramas are having a moment (I know you're watching them too, no point in denying it), so why not bring some of that killer vibe into your own house with Dead Fred, the handy desktop pen/pencil holder!

    22. It may be over 80 years since its publication, but everyone knows that The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings are evergreen classics. And now you can display your books with pride with this beautiful vinyl-bound boxed set of Tolkien's most popular works.

    23. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, you lived without these Star Wars salt and pepper shakers. But now you can strike back at boring kitchen utensils, and save your galaxy (kitchen) from mediocrity!

    24. Skynet may not have taken over the world JUST yet, but it's inevitable, so why not invite this handy little tea-steeping robot into your kitchen?

    25. Pac-Man basically launched the video game industry as we know it, so why not pay him the homage he deserves with this Pac-Man Connect and Play-12 game set.

    Me to you as you enjoy all these products: