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    21 Things You Need If You Just Want A Little "Me" Time

    Because the most important relationship you have is with yourself.

    1. Some delicious dark chocolate that's designed to not only boost your mood (thanks, cacao!), but is infused with pearls and collagen to make your skin literally glow. As it turns out, you CAN eat your way to a better complexion! Plus, it'll satisfy your sweet tooth and you won't have to worry about annoying allergens like gluten, sugar, or dairy.

    2. These chillin' eye patches that'll help soothe inflammation and heal damaged skin. They're infused with hemp oil to help the tender skin under your eyes bounce back from late-night Netflix binges, drinking a bit too much wine, or indulging in some (delicious) salty foods. You can even throw them in the fridge if you really want to ~chill~ out.

    3. A clever little sound pebble that emits a whole slew of relaxing noises. Choose between campfire, rainforest, river, ocean waves, rainfall, or ambient noise the next time you're getting ready for a nice yoga sesh, or just settling down for a nap. This unobtrusive little stone will create just the right soundscape to help you escape your daily life — even if it's just for a little bit.

    4. A lovely neck wrap that'll help bust aches and ouchies like nobody's business. Unlike other neck wraps, this one is filled with lentils and has no added scents or fragrances. You can throw it in the microwave, or chill it out in the fridge, depending on your needs. You hear that? It's relaxation calling.

    5. This essential oil blend that's designed to help de-stress a tired mind. The combination of geranium, ylang ylang, clary sage, and amyris will make you feel like you're walking in a field of fresh summer flowers. You'll feel relaxed, recharged, and refreshed with just a few drops!

    6. This luxurious oil that's infused with antimicrobial clary sage and tea tree oils to help soften and soothe skin. A good rule of thumb is to use it wherever skin meets hair — use it as a post-shave balm to calm irritation, as a scalp treatment for itchy or dry skin, or even as ingrown hair prevention. You can even pop a couple droplets in your bath, if you really want to treat yourself.

    7. A rechargeable air conditioner that's leak-proof, ultra quiet, and best of all — personal-sized! This baby blows cool air in a large radius (up to five feet), so you can set it in your office, bedroom, or wherever you're feeling the heat. Plus, you can add a few drops of essential oils if you want some aromatherapy.

    8. This pillow spray that'll lure you into a deep state of relaxation with its blend of lavender, patchouli, and chamomile oils. Maybe your neighbour has decided to undergo extensive (and loud) renovations, or the kids are going a bit crazy, or work is getting a bit hectic — just spritz some of this on a pillow, and drift off into a peaceful dreamland.

    9. This bristly body brush that'll help you treat your skin to a gentle but invigorating rub-down. Thanks to little silicone nodes, you'll be able to gently exfoliate while also giving your skin a nice lil' massage. You can use it wet or dry, too, so go ahead and bring it into the bath or shower with you.

    10. This easy binge-watching kit that'll make Self-Care Sunday a breeze. Slip on the cozy socks and queue up your fave cheesy TV show! Maybe you get out some skincare and jade roll your way into relaxation. Maybe you toss your hair into a messy bun instead of washing it (no judgement). The time is yours!

    11. This nourishing face mist, so you can get your glow on. Use it to set your makeup, or spritz directly on your skin to deeply nourish and condition. It uses 13 skin-loving oils — like evening primrose, jojoba, lavender, and orange peel — to give skin a super dewy finish. And if that's not enough, it also has a hearty dose of propolis (a healing compound created by bees) to repair your complexion without stripping it's moisture.

    12. These magnesium-rich bath salts that'll help you recover from a long, hard day. The addition of white willow and arnica helps to ease muscle pain, so you can emerge from your soak feeling better than ever. It's also a great item to have on-hand if you're feeling a bit under the weather — eucalyptus essential oil is energizing and uplifting, and helps to clear out sinuses.

    13. This purifying soap that's made with mud from the Dead Sea, so you can get your face (and body) squeaky clean. The mineral-rich mud is super effective at tackling environmental pollution and deep-cleaning your pores. It's basically like a power wash for your body!

    14. This sleek daily planner, if you're using this time to get yourself organized for the week (or the month, if you're really ambitious). The pages are undated, which means you can start filling it in whenever you like — and not just when the year starts. Plus, there's tons of extra pages and prompts to help you keep track of your to-do list, appointments, and everything in between.

    15. This easy-peasy steeper, so you can throw yourself a little solo tea party. Each steeper makes just enough tea for one, so you'll never have to share. And using it is super simple, too — just add your fave tea blend, fill with hot water, and pop the steeper over a mug. It'll filter out all the debris, and leave you with a mug full of hot, steaming relaxation.

    16. This exfoliating body polish that'll help you slough away dead skin (and all the day's nonsense). Instead of microplastic exfoliants, this creamy scrub uses apricot seeds and sugar to scrub away flakes and gunky build-up. Reviewers love the fresh, fruity smell, and say it works on even the toughest skin!

    17. These de-stressing dermal patches that'll help keep your stress levels down and your immune system boosted. They're infused with menthol to help clear your mind, and ease life's little stresses. Slap one on your wrist, inner elbow, or shoulder and let it get to work.

    18. Some plumping lip gels, because your smoocher needs love, too. Each lip-shaped mask is packed with red algae and wild berry extract that help to intensely moisturize your lips. See ya never, dry flaky lips! Leave it on for ten minutes, and you'll notice a juicier, smoother pout.

    19. This gua sha facial tool that's basically a mini workout for your facial muscles. You can use it before applying all your beloved skincare to improve absorption, or as a gentle scooping massage to aid in the relief of facial tension. And since it brings blood to the surface of your skin, it'll also help improve circulation and result in a fresh, glowy complexion.

    20. These immune-boosting sachets, so you can nip those throat tickles right in the bud. Each packet contains collagen, vitamin C, zinc, and electrolytes to supercharge your immune system and help it fight off germs and bacteria. Plus, it tastes like lemon grape soda!

    21. And lastly, some oversized shades that'll be perfect for the days when you just want a lil' privacy. Are you a celebrity hiding your face from the public, or did you just stay up too late watching Space Force? I'll never tell.

    So make sure you pencil in some "me" time, and take a moment to appreciate YOU!

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