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    Just 21 Gifts To Give People Who Say They Hate Getting Gifts

    Gift-giving can be tricky, but these useful gifts are sure to please even the most discerning person in your life.

    1. This reusable coffee tumbler for the caffeine drinker, so they can fuel their addiction on the go. Made of sturdy, smooth ceramic and encased in a heat-protecting silicone sleeve, it's eco-friendly and ultra modern.

    2. A sleek desk organizer that does it all, for the coworker who might need a little help in the organizational department. It'll make them feel like they have their own assistant!

    3. A set of five PVC luggage tags for the jet-setter, that are so useful and funky that they're sure to be a welcome (and lightweight!) addition to any luggage set.

    4. A snug winter toque that comes in 60 colours so you can even snag two (or three!) to match them with every outfit. Maybe you don't know their snowsuit size or their preferred brand of ski goggles, but this versatile and cozy hat is a great addition to their winter wear.

    5. A set of funky dress socks for anyone who has a great sense of humour, but hates shopping for themselves. Everyone needs socks, so these are a no-brainer! And with 11 different patterns, they're a surefire win.

    6. A collage picture frame for the family member who collects memories, but maybe hasn't gotten around to displaying them all yet. It can be used vertically or horizontally, so it's a super easy addition to a gallery wall.

    7. A pair of touchscreen leather gloves that will make it possible for anyone to respond to texts in freezing temperatures. Plus the sleek, classic leather and warm cashmere blend lining will never go out of style.

    8. A SpongeBob AirPod case for the kid at heart, that's sure to keep their sense of nostalgia alive and thriving. And because it'll keep their headphones safe from scuffs and scratches, they'll ~almost~ forget it was a gift in the first place.

    9. A sherpa-lined microfibre blanket for the cuddle bug, that can be used while snuggling in front of the T.V, as an additional layer on the bed, or even as a baby blanket! It also resists pilling and is anti-static, making it a definite easy crowd-pleaser.

    10. A set of four lush faux succulents for the would-be green thumb, that are even more low-maintenance than real ones, and will stay green forever — no watering necessary.

    11. A set of 12 bath bombs for the bath lover, that are made using natural essential oils and are individually wrapped. They also make great gifts for anyone who just needs a pick-me-up. They're the perfect excuse for a long, hot, fizzy soak!

    12. A classic ceramic vase for the aspiring interior designer, that's chic and neutral enough to blend well with any decor style. As an added touch, fill with fresh flowers upon giving!

    13. These gel insoles for the athlete in your life, so their feet stay in tip-top shape and you can feel good knowing your gift was a ~home run~.

    14. A minimalist alarm clock for the busybody, to help streamline their chaotic life. The svelte lines of this alarm clock are matched only by it's easy-to-use design and intuitive features.

    15. A badass skull lip balm for the beauty guru that is always looking for the next cool thing. The tingly mint flavour is refreshing, while the deeply-moisturizing formula keeps lips looking their best. And it's encased in a hot pink skull!

    16. A cookbook holder for the home chef, that'll keep the pages from getting sticky and saucy during culinary adventures. Bonus: It's also compatible with tablets!

    17. A fuzzy hot water bottle for anyone who is ALWAYS FREEZING. Reviewers love how this one holds onto heat for a long time, and helps relieve soothe sore, achy muscles.

    18. A set of 12 elegant drinking glasses for that friend who is always serving water in mugs. We all have one. Maybe it's you. Either way, it's time for a real glass, Kelsey!

    19. A universally-compatible wireless phone charger for the tech junkie that's so trim and minimalistic, they won't even notice it... until their device is at 100%, that is!

    20. A four-piece set of Cocktail on the Go kits that makes the perfect gift for travellers, party hosts, or just as a stocking stuffer. You can even keep one (or two!) for yourself.

    21. And a walnut page holder that's sure to be a game-changer for your favourite book worm. It's also fantastic for anyone with carpal tunnel or other mobility issues, as it reduces strain on the hand and wrist.

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