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    I'm Pretty Convinced These 26 Kitchen Essentials Are Total Game-Changers

    A batter dispenser, champagne cork, oil-solidifying powder, and more!

    1. A rapid egg cooker if you'd rather not spend your morning standing over a boiling pot. You'll have perfectly-cooked oeufs in less time than it'd take to boil water on the stove, so you can spend your precious minutes doing literally anything else (like *actually* enjoying your coffee).

    the egg cooker on a countertop

    2. A packet of dishwasher-cleaning tablets that'll help you revive (and de-gunk) your smelly old machine. They'll slowly dissolve during the cleaning cycle, melting away icky buildup and saving you from having to scrub the whole damn thing by hand.

    3. A batter dispenser that'll make meal time a lot less messy. You'll have complete control over each and every pour, whether you need a wee dollop for crepes or a hearty squeeze for cupcakes.

    someone using the batter dispenser to fill muffin cups in a tin

    4. A Blume electric milk frother so you can treat yourself to a café-quality latte without having to schlep to the coffee shop. Thanks to its three speeds and two interchangeable heads, you'll even be able to whisk up thicker treats, like whip cream or salad dressing.

    a person using the milk frother to whisk up matcha

    5. A microwave grain cooker if you just can't seem to master cooking rice or quinoa on your stove. You won't need to boil water or do any messy straining, either!

    a person inserting the grain cooker into a microwave

    6. A Soma filter pitcher if your H2O is tasting a little less than great lately. You can expect *extremely* speedy filtering, too, so you won't have to duel your partner for the last droplets of water.

    the soma water pitcher on a kitchen countertop

    7. A pack of oil solidifying powder that'll make cleaning post-meal messes almost impossibly quick. Think of yourself as a grease-fighting fairy, sprinkling magic dust into hot frying oil and watching it transform into an easy-to-scrape away solid.

    8. A portable appliance lock that'll help keep little fingers (or snooping roomies) from breaking into your stuff. You can slap it onto everything from your fridge to your nightstand drawer!

    an appliance lock joined by an extra strong cable

    9. A genius Our Place carafe you can use for everything from cold brew coffee to infused spirits. It's equipped with a 360-degree pour spout, a removable infuser, and a wine aerator if you prefer to decant your vino.

    a person putting citrus fruit into the carafe's infuser

    10. A pair of crisper inserts that'll stop your fruits and veggies from turning into a wilted mess. They'll pop right onto your existing fridge drawers so you won't have to sacrifice any precious real estate.

    a crisper insert stuck to the side of a produce drawer

    11. An adjustable measuring spoon if you're tired of constantly fishing around for the *exact* one you need. It's also way more precise than your current set and has measurements for both wet and dry ingredients.

    a person using the adjustable measuring spoon to measure out oil

    12. A veggie peeler you can use to transform boring produce into lil' ribbons. It's even big enough to handle potatoes, if you wanna get in touch with your inner master chef and create some tater artwork.

    a person using the pencil sharpener- shaped veggie peeler

    13. A champagne cork that'll stop your bubbles from falling flat. Slip it over your open bottle of prosecco to keep it fizzy all night long (it'll even let you store the bottle on its side in the fridge).

    a close up of the champagne cork in a bottle of sparkling wine

    14. A cute jar spatula so you can scrape all the tasty goodness out of your containers (and then spread 'em on your toast!). Reviewers say it's the perfect balance of bendy and firm, making it great for everything from chunky peanut butter to BBQ sauce.

    a person using the platypus shaped spatula to scoop jelly out of a jar

    15. A pack of appliance mats that'll make it easy to slide out your coffee maker without leaving scratches on your countertops. Reviewers love that they never have to lug their heavy stand mixers or drag out food processors ever again.

    16. A pack of reusable silicone Stasher bags if you're looking for an eco-friendly alternative to your plastic set. These can be tossed in the dishwasher *and* freezer, making food storage a total snap.

    17. A rimming station for when you wanna try your hand at fancy cocktail-making. You won't have to choose between sweet, salty, or funky spice rims — simply flip out the tray you need before you shake up a tasty ~beveragino~.

    a rimming station with four slide out trays for salts and spices

    18. A set of sugar savers that'll keep your sucre from turning into a sticky lump. They're made of terracotta that'll gently release moisture back into your container (just make sure you soak 'em first).

    a jar of brown sugar with one of the terracotta discs visible inside

    19. A set of sleek and chic porcelain mixing bowls that'll let you go from prep to storage in a snap. They come with matching lids equipped with handy date dials, so you'll never have to guess if your food is past its prime.

    20. A stackable colander set so you can strain double the veggies in half the time. Simply insert the mini one into the other when you don't feel like washing and rinsing each ingredient individually (because honestly, who has the time?).

    a pair of nesting colanders draining carrots and broccoli

    21. A Brothboxx so you can freeze all your tasty soups and sauces into perfect portions and avoid food waste in the process. Each cube is equal to one cup, making it easier than ever to thaw out *exactly* how much food you need.

    a silicone cube mould filled with soup

    22. A set of stretchy silicone lids so you can keep your leftovers fresh 'til the last bite. Forget sticky beeswax or wasteful plastic wrap — these can be used over and over (and over) without ever losing their airtight and leakproof seal.

    a set of stretchy silicone lids on several bowls

    23. An electric citrus juicer that'll come in clutch the next time you're craving a cocktail (or just need a splash of citrus in your vinaigrette). It's got two reamer heads for both big and small fruits, and will neatly collect all your pressings so they won't make a mess of your counter.

    a dual headed electrical citrus reamer filled with fresh pressed orange juice

    24. A mini food processor so you can whizz through meal prep. Even though it's a fraction of the size (and weight) of its full-sized cousin, it doesn't scrimp on power — this baby can blitz *all* your ingredients in minutes.

    a petite food processor next to a bowl of chickpeas and olives

    25. A blade brush that you can use to clean your kitchen tools. The stiff bristles will lift away the most stubborn gunk, and you can slip it over the edge of your sink to store it.

    someone using the brush to clean a knife blade

    26. And lastly, a gooseneck kettle that's equipped with helpful presets for all your fave toasty drinks. Reviewers love the extra long spout, saying it gives them more pouring control (which is always great when you're handling boiling water).

    someone using the gooseneck kettle to make pour-over coffee

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