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    21 Useful Home Products That’ll Make You Feel Like A Real Freakin’ Adult

    Let's be honest, being an adult is basically just getting jazzed over different storage solutions.

    1. A Black+Decker drill kit that comes with whatever you need for any project you'll want to take on. It's got an impressive 66 tools and accessories, so you'll be able to finally fix that squeaky chair (and your parents won't have to bring their kit when you need a bit of help hanging something 😉).

    A person using the drill to make a birdhouse

    2. A water bottle rack for anybody who's tired of an avalanche of drink vessels falling on them when they reach into their cupboards. They'll stay firmly in place thanks to the grooved shelves and you'll actually be able to see your entire collection (instead of just the few at the front).

    the water bottle organizer in a cupboard with bottles stored on it

    3. An over-the-door shoe organizer that'll keep all (or at least most, let's be real) of your footwear in one place. It'll fit up to 36 pairs of shoes and it can hang behind a door, so your "well-loved" pairs you refuse to part with won't have to stay out in the open.

    the shoe rack on the door

    4. A space-saving pant hanger that’ll free up some room in your overstuffed closet. Each one can fit up to five pairs of trousers, meaning you can ditch the many, many (many!) hangers in favour of just one.

    a bunch of pants on the hanger

    5. An Our Place Perfect Pot that'll become the most versatile piece of cookware in your kitchen. It'll boil, bake, and steam, so you can get rid of that hand-me-down pot that's been chillin' in your cupboards for ages.

    a person putting a pot into the oven

    6. A set of bamboo storage boxes to prevent different resealable baggies from getting mixed up in your drawer. They're labelled by size, so you won't accidentally grab a snack bag when you meant to get a sandwich one.

    the boxes in a drawer with baggies inside of them

    7. A spice carousel so you can start experimenting with seasoning your own dishes or spice up your favourite comfort recipes. Now your parents will think that you're actually cooking for yourself every night and not ordering in like they suspected.

    the spice rack on a kitchen counter

    8. An oversized rope basket if your large assortment of throw blankets have completely overtaken your living space. It'll look more like decor than storage, so it won't clash with your carefully-curated design vibe.

    The basket in a room with blankets and pillows stored inside of it

    9. An HP all-in-one printer because you can't keep emailing your parents online return shipping labels to print for you. It'll copy, scan, and print documents, and since it works wirelessly, you can print right from your smartphone, too.

    10. A compact wine cooler that'll keep your vino at the perfect temperature. It'll fit up to 17 bottles, meaning you won't have to perch them on an unstable angle in your crammed fridge.

    the wine cooler on a counter filled with drinks

    11. And a bar cart that'll help keep all your cocktail-making accessories in one place, so you won’t have to rummage through your cupboards to find what you need. It has swivelling wheels, which means you’ll be able to roll it around your apartment the next time you entertain.

    The bar cart in a dining room with bottles, coffee, wine glasses, and flowers on it

    12. A pack of disposable parchment liners for your air fryer that'll save you from a sticky cleanup after dinner. They'll lay inside the basket and catch any drippings and oil before they become a nightmare to scrub later.

    a person taking a messy liner out of a clean air fryer basket

    13. A set of flat ceramic plates that'll make your dinner table look like it's straight out of a food magazine. They have a thick raised lip that'll keep saucy and messy meals contained (plus, they'll stack like a dream in your cupboard).

    A person carrying a stack of two different size plates

    14. A pack of rug grippers that'll help keep your carpet in one place and prevent the corners from rolling up. Now that they're stuck to the floor, you won't accidentally trip over any unruly edges.

    A person sticking a grip to the bottom of a rug

    15. A trio of glass food canisters that'll store all of your dry goods while looking incredibly chic on your counter. The bamboo lids have an airtight seal, so you won't have to worry about things getting stale.

    the canisters on a marble countertop with food inside of them

    16. And a set of airtight plastic food storage containers that'll make your entire pantry look Kardashian-level organized. Since they're clear, you'll know exactly when it's time to restock on snacks and staples.

    A set of the clear containers all full and stacked in a pantry

    17. A drain snake kit that'll help you get all the gunk out of your shower and sink pipes when water starts pooling. It'll save you from hiring a plumber, and the amount of gross stuff you'll pull out will be shocking, yet satisfying.

    A person's using the drain snake on a shower drain

    18. A pack of felt hangers that your clothes won't slip off of every time you move them/breathe on them/look at them. They're also slimmer than standard hangers, so they'll take up less space, meaning you'll be able to fit even more into your closet.

    the felt hangers in a closet with shirts on them

    19. A set of stackable produce storage containers that'll keep your fruits and veggies fresh for longer in the fridge. Each container has a built-in colander and drain, so washing and rinsing your food will be a breeze, too.

    20. A boot tray because winter snow is unfortunately coming and you'll be damned if you get salt stains on your freshly-mopped floors. It'll fit up to three pairs of (adult-sized) footwear, so there will be enough room for the whole fam to keep their wet boots.

    three pairs of boots on a boot tray outside on a deck

    21. And finally, an over-the-toilet storage shelf for all the stuff you can’t fit under your sink. It has hooks on the sides for hanging towels and hair-styling tools (some reviewers have even used it as a stand for their house plants).

    the shelf in a bathroom over a toilet holding baskets and plants

    You with all of your new stuff:

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