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    If You're Struggling With Messes, Reviewers Say These 25 Cleaning Supplies Will Help

    You can just call me the dean of clean.

    1. A tub of Scrub Daddy cleaning paste that reviewers say has left all their filthy surfaces sparkling like new. It's activated with water, and since it's natural and non-toxic, you can use it on all your stuff (including your pots and pans!).

    A person holding up the paste

    2. A pack of cleaning wipes if removing set-in salt stains has you at your wit's end. A quick swipe and your leather goods will look just as good as the day you got 'em (and yes, you can even use the wipes on things like handbags, jackets, and car seats).

    3. A fridge deodorizer that'll suck all the stink out of your most-used appliance. Reviewers say it eliminates even the most ~persistent~ home odours (like frying bacon) and can be used to bust smelly freezers, too.

    An angry-looking character inside a fridge

    4. A drop-in descaler if your kettle is starting to look a lil' grimy. Reviewers love how easy it is to use and say it doesn't leave behind any unpleasant aftertaste, either (just make sure you give it a thorough rinse after the cleaning!).

    a before and after where the after shows liquid that's clean and free of limescale

    5. A set of brush and scrubbing pad drill attachments so you can supercharge your cleaning powers (and cut down on chore time). If you've got *zero* energy for washing, sponging, cleaning, and other such nonsense, you'll be glad to know the different cleaning heads can be used in every room in your house.

    The drill heads laid out

    6. A portable carpet cleaner that reviewers say gets rid of stains AND stinks in literal seconds. The interchangeable heads will make it easy to clean everything from stair edges to curtains and upholstery.

    Someone using the vacuum to clean a stain off their carpet

    7. A bottle of Mrs. Meyer's vinegar cleaning gel you won't need to rinse off. Reviewers say it cuts through stubborn, sticky messes on everything from shower stalls to high chairs (and with less effort than other similar products).

    someone holding a bottle of the vinegar gel in their hands against a colourful wall

    8. A pack of microfibre blind dusters that reviewers call the biggest time-savers ever. Thanks to their three arms, they'll clean their tops and bottoms simultaneously, saving you from having to take down the whole setup and do each piece by hand (no, thank you).

    someone using the blinds duster to dust their blinds

    9. And an extra-long Swiffer duster so you can hunt down all the sneaky dust bunnies hiding on top of your cabinets and light fixtures. The handle extends up to six feet, so you won't have to whip out a ladder every time you spot some out-of-reach grime.

    Victoria using the extendable swiffer to clean a light fixture

    10. A stove cleaning kit that'll make your cooktop look brand spankin' new in moments. All it takes is a few minutes for the cream to work some ~magique~, then you can scrub it off with the built-in sponge tool and marvel at your like-new appliance.

    11. A packet of washer-cleaning tablets that'll help you revive and de-gunk your smelly old washing machine. They'll slowly dissolve during the cleaning cycle, melting away all the icky buildup hiding in there so you won't have to do it manually.

    a person tossing the tablet into a front-load washing machine

    12. A pack of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers that'll help you wipe away all kinds of messes (seriously — not even baked-on egg yolks will stand a chance). Unlike regular sponges, they won't shred or disintegrate before you've had a chance to finish.

    13. A bottle of Goo Gone that absolutely lives up to the hype. Waxy mess? Gone. Sticky smears? Gone. It'll blast through everything from glue to gum in less time than you thought possible.

    14. A seriously powerful steamer so you can finally deep clean all your surfaces. Reviewers say it's the only gadget that's whisked away mould stains on fabric, grease build-up on BBQ grates, and all kinds of other messes you haven't been able to remove.

    a person steam cleaning their fabric cat tower

    15. A bottle of biodegradable laundry detergent that'll work some actual ✨magic✨ on your sweaty gym clothes. Reviewers say it easily lifts away all kinds of gross stuff (like stink and sweat), without damaging their activewear in the process.

    a person holding a bottle of the laundry detergent with a pile of dirty gym clothes in the background

    16. A pair of cleaning brushes so you can finally fight back against all the messes hiding *just* out of reach of your sponges. Their firm bristles will make short work of sticky dirt and one even has a silicone wiper blade for cleaning crevices.

    A person holding up the two mini scrubbing brushes against a subway tile backdrop

    17. A double-ended fabric razor that'll help you de-pill your fave sweater without shredding it to bits. It's completely manual and has a built-in lint brush, so you can keep your fabrics free of fluff and pet hair, too.

    18. A glassware brush that'll reach right down to the bottom of tall cups and wine glasses. Reviewers say it easily removes lipstick and water stains from delicate glassware, and can even be used to wash pots and pans without damaging their non-stick finishes.

    19. A Scrubbing Bubbles toilet stamp if manually wiping down your porcelain throne is *not* your idea of a good time. It couldn't be any easier to use — just press it onto your toilet bowl and get on with your business.

    20. A bottle of Bar Keepers Friend that'll help you polish away everything from scuffs to stains. It's gentle enough to use on your fancy dishware and high-polish fixtures, but goes real hard on annoying spots left behind by rust and mould that other cleaners just can't budge.

    21. A clog-dissolving drain cleaner that's strong enough to blast away all kinds of blockages, even grease and hair. Reviewers say it's more cost-effective than calling a plumber (and that it offers even better results).

    a person holding up a bottle of the green gobbler drain cleaner

    22. An electric scrubber if you don't want to spend hours cleaning all the nooks and crannies of your home. The oscillating brush will loosen up grime, so you can save yourself some elbow grease in the process, too.

    23. A dual-purpose broom that'll snatch all the dirt hiding in your home. The soft rubber bristles grip hair, dust, and pet dander like nobody's business, while the squeegee end will help you tackle all your wet and slippery messes.

    24. A pack of garbage disposal cleaning packets that'll strip away any icky goop hiding in your garburator. According to reviewers, it not only eliminates funky smells, but also makes things run smoother and quieter after, too.

    A person putting a cleaning packet in their sink drain

    25. And finally, an extendable tile scrubber so you can skip the gymnastics while you're reaching for all the dirty spots. The scouring pad will easily whisk away things like hard water deposits and shower slime and is perfectly angled to tuck into tight corners (without scratching up all your fixtures).

    a close up of the rotating scrubbing head

    Me, preparing to eradicate all the messes in my house:

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