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    17 Cleaning, Organization, And All-Around Useful Things That’ll Help You Tidy Up The Mess That Is Your Apartment

    Time to hop off the hot mess express.

    1. A pop can dispenser that'll keep your bevvies nice and organized in your fridge. Reviewers say the cans easily roll forward, without aggressively clunking into each other.

    The pop can dispenser inside an empty fridge

    2. A pack of laundry hampers that'll help you separate your lights and darks so you won't have to waste time sorting through your clothing later. Reviewers like that they're tall and thin, so they can squeeze into tight areas and take up minimal space.

    The hampers beside each other in a room

    3. A compressed gas duster that'll be a lifesaver if you're guilty of junking up your keyboard with crumbs. It has an extended nozzle, so you'll be able to get deep into those nooks and crannies (where the dirt thinks it's safe to hide).

    Someone holding the gas duster against a keyboard

    4. A pack of three-pronged blind dusters so you can polish the top and bottom of *two* blinds at a time and cut your cleaning time in half. Reviewers like that you can apply a good amount of pressure to ensure your blinds get a thorough wipe-down.

    Someone using the blinds duster to dust their blinds

    5. A set of undermounted wire baskets that'll help you make the most of your cabinet real estate. Reviewers say they're major space-savers and helped them clear off cluttered counters and drawers.

    The basket on a shelf with towels in them

    6. A dish squeegee that'll help you get all the leftover bits and pieces off your plates, making dish duty a lot less cringey. Reviewers say it helps keep their sponges clean for longer and prevents oily remains from seeping down the drain.

    Someone scraping food leftovers off a plate using the dish squeegee

    7. A pet hair remover that'll help rid your home (and clothes) of clingy dander, dust, and other debris. Reviewers say it does a great job at collecting everything the vacuum didn't quite pick up.

    Someone using the pet hair remover to remove fur from a surface

    8. A cutlery tray that'll keep all your utensils in their designated spots, so you won't have to sift through a drawer of cluttered flatware. Reviewers say the non-slip base does a great job at keeping this baby in its place.

    The cutlery tray in a drawer filled with utensils

    9. A set of reusable dishcloths that you can use to scrub your dishes *and* soak up spills of all kinds. They're also all-natural and biodegradable, so you can throw 'em in the compost bin once they've become dingy.

    The dishcloths laid out on a flat surface

    10. A pack of cleaning tablets that'll effectively clean the inside of your bottles and travel mugs, so you won't have to force your hand in there (that's only acceptable for Pringle cans). Reviewers say their cups literally look brand new after popping these babies in there.

    A person dropping a small cleaning tablet into their travel coffee mug

    11. A pack of Mrs. Meyer's multi-surface cleansers that are all-natural, so you won't have to worry about you or your pet ingesting harsh chemicals. Reviewers say it breaks down grease like a dream and doesn’t leave any streaky traces behind.

    The multi-surface cleanser on a countertop

    12. A toothbrush holder with room to store your toiletries, so they won't clutter the bathroom counter. Reviewers say the built-in toothpaste dispenser is quick and convenient and prevents kids from getting their toothpaste everywhere.

    The toothbrush holder on a wall and someone putting their toothbrush in the toothpaste dispenser component

    13. A mini vacuum that'll suck up all the crumbs and dust on your countertops, desk, or even the corners of your floors. It's cordless, so you can take it anywhere in the house without having to hunt down a nearby outlet.

    Someone holding the vacuum over pencil shavings

    14. An electric scrubber that'll help you remove stubborn grime from the hard-to-clean surfaces in your house. Reviewers say it has saved them so much time, since they no longer have to scour away at their filthy grout for hours.

    A person using the scrubber on their shower drain

    15. A dual trash can if you're sick of multiple bins taking up too much kitchen space. It'll also help keep your garbage separate from plastics (remember to reduce, reuse, and recycle, kids!).

    16. A hanging purse organizer that'll keep your handbags neatly arranged and off your bedroom floor. It also swivels, so you can get a good look at your collection when deciding which bag will go with your 'fit.

    The purse organizer hanging in a closet with purses in it

    17. And finally, a set of food storage containers that'll not only keep your pantry goodies contained and tidy, but will also keep them fresh for longer. They have a leak-proof seal, so you can store liquid-y items without fear of *spillage*.

    A kid and person reaching their hands out to grab one of the nine storage containers

    You, happily cleaning your freshly-organized crib:

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