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    24 Ridiculously Effective Products That'll Clean Up Your Life

    Your house, your pet, your shoes, your partner, your clothes...ALL WILL BE CLEANSED.

    1. This pore-cleansing face mask with over 2,000 (!!!) five-star reviews that feels like a powerwash for your face.

    2. A set of super soft microfibre cloths that won't damage the finish on any of your furniture. But they will help you finish the cleaning you've been putting off for weeks.

    3. These natural and chlorine-free bottle cleaning tablets, that will get all your beverage containers cleaner than you thought possible, and won't damage the environment in the process.

    4. A double-ended electronics cleaning brush that will get in all the nooks and crannies. Other tools could never.

    5. This lightweight spray mop that will make cleaning your floors as fun and easy as all the commercials pretend it is.

    6. A pair of charcoal shoe deodorizers that'll suck the stink right out of your favourite pair of shoes.

    7. A powerful carpet cleaner specially formulated to remove any and all stains from your carpet, no matter how old or set-in they are.

    8. A hand-held pet hair remover, to solve even the hairiest problem.

    9. A shaving apron that attaches to any bathroom mirror and catches all beard shrapnel before it coats your entire bathroom.

    10. Get clean from root to tip with Neutrogena's Anti-Residue shampoo, beloved for its ability to remove residue from hair.

    11. This mould- and mildew-killing bathroom cleaner, because nobody needs to know that you forgot to clean the bathroom for two weeks.

    12. This bestselling ionic facial steamer to deeply de-gunk, decongest, and detox your face.

    13. A sleek little air purifier that captures allergens, dander, pet hair, large bacteria, mould, and just about every other pollutant you didn't even know lived in your home.

    14. Pimple poppers, rejoice! Now you can have the satisfaction of extracting all those blackheads at home, with this blackhead vacuum.

    15. Cult fave Batiste Dry Shampoo spray, because life is unpredictable and sometimes you need an instant refresh right now please.

    16. No more saying goodbye to your favourite sweaters with this USB-powered fabric shaver! Pill-y fabrics? I don't know her.

    17. Adulting is hard and sometimes we forget about things (like cleaning the toilet). Enter the Lysol Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner — just click it and forget it!

    18. Say goodbye to gunky make-up brushes, brought to you by this electric brush cleaner and dryer. All it takes is 10 seconds!

    19. Is your jewelry looking a bit lacklustre? Then this ultrasonic jewelry cleaner is for you. Using only sound waves and tap water, it gently removes tarnish, oil build-up, and other grime from your favourite pieces without any harsh chemicals.

    20. Your dishwasher works hard, and sometimes we forget that it needs some TLC, too. This classic dishwasher cleaner is perfect for giving one of your most-used appliances a bit of a boost.

    21. Anyone who's ever worn glasses of any kind knows the utter agony of dirty and streaky lenses. These pre-moistened lens cleaning wipes will make you forget all about that.

    22. Cleaning reusable bottles can be a huge pain, but these extra long bottle cleaning brushes are here to help.

    23. No one goes to the dentist as often as they should (sorry, Mom!) but now you don't have to worry. This at-home kit of six dental tools will keep your chompers looking their best.

    24. And this drill brush attachment kit that will make cleaning the bathroom or kitchen a snap.

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