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    19 Stress Busting Products For People Who Are Literally Always Stressed

    De-stress your life and become the relaxed adult you've always wanted to be. *Cue Enya*

    1. These all-natural (and vegan!) collagen eye masks, perfect for de-puffing and erasing any trace of stress-related sleep deprivation.

    2. A hilariously aggressive adult colouring book that will remind you to CALM DOWN when the world around you is just too much.

    3. Lavender-scented epsom salts to turn your ordinary bathtub into a luxurious spa experience. Just make sure you've got a lock on your door so no one interrupts your well-deserved soak.

    4. An infinity cube fidget toy if you think regular fidget spinners are too mainstream, but you still need to do something with your hands.

    5. A pair of super soft Hulk Hands so you can *HULK SMASH* your frustrations away.

    6. A migraine-relieving gel ice hat that will freeze any stress right in its tracks.

    7. An organic, all-natural stress relief tea, specially formulated with mint, holy basil, arjuna, and ashwagandha to soothe any frazzled nerves.

    8. A machine-washable weighted blanket to simulate a nice warm hug, when just about nothing else will do.

    9. Anti-snore nasal spray for when your stress is a direct result of *someone* keeping you awake until the cows come home with their cacophanous mouth sounds.

    10. A TENS unit to bust up all those knots you've acquired from carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.

    11. A soft silicone scalp massager that doubles as an exfoliant so you can literally scrub away all the nonsense of the day.

    12. A probiotic, because a healthy tummy is a happy tummy.

    13. An all-natural jasmine and sandalwood aromatherapy candle so you can unwind and feel good about the environment, too.

    14. A set of three squishy stress balls you can use when you just need to squeeze the crap out of something.

    15. A stress relief body wash so you can wash the day away and pretend it never happened.

    16. This portable white noise machine to drown out your raucous neighbours, or the sounds of your roommate vacuuming at 3 a.m. (CAN IT WAIT??)

    17. These super popular wireless earbuds so you can pretend you don't hear your co-worker complaining for the 8000th time. What's that, Brenda? Your landlord sucks? Sorry, I can't hear you.

    18. A futuristic meditation headband that will guide you to a calmer state of mind.

    19. And this desktop speed bag, perfect for when it's 4:58 p.m. on a Friday and your boss drops off a stack of paperwork for you to finish before the weekend.

    You, living your best stress-free life.