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    40 Palm-Sized Products That Prove Bigger Isn't Always Better

    Teeny-weeny and totally handy.

    1. A petite razor that'll shave away your hair, without taking up all your bathroom real estate. It still has five blades and a handy moisturizing ribbon (just like its full-size counterparts) with none of the bulk.

    2. This rechargeable portable fan that'll keep you cool and comfy, wherever you are. Thanks to its flexible legs, it can be wrapped around a stroller handle, hung from a car headrest, or perched on a desk.

    A portable fan with flexible legs perched on a countertop

    3. A set of mini notebooks that'll help you keep track of your brilliant ideas. They have both lined and unlined pages, which makes them perfect for sketches and doodles, too.

    A set of mini faux leather notebooks

    4. This motion-detecting toilet bowl light that'll help you see what you're doing the next time you get up for a midnight tinkle. It even comes equipped with a dimmer, so you won't startle yourself awake with glaring lights.

    A toilet bowl lit up from within

    5. These low-profile push hooks that'll turn any space into a towel rack. Thanks to their grippy centres, you'll never need to worry about dish towels slipping off knobs or oven handles.

    6. A rocking garlic press that'll save you a ton of prep time and protect your fingers from these delicious (yet pungent) nuggets. The rocking motion means you don't need to have Hulk strength for it to be effective, either!

    A person rocks the press over a garlic clove on a cutting board

    7. An a-moo-sing tabletop vacuum that'll make all your tiny messes disappear. Reviewers say it's strong enough to pick up bigger crumbs (like popcorn kernels), making this lil' mammal the perfect post-meal companion.

    A cow-shaped tabletop vacuum next to crumbs

    8. This OPI nail strengthener that'll condition your talons and keep them from snapping off. It comes in the brand's signature neutral shades, so you can strengthen AND polish your nails in one go.

    A person holding up a bottle of the nail strengthener

    9. These easy-to-use drip spikes that'll keep your plants hydrated and happy, no matter how forgetful you are. Thanks to their adjustable flow, you won't have to worry about overwatering, either.

    A drip spike inserted into a garden bed and topped with a full water bottle

    10. A cryptocurrency wallet that'll protect your assets and keep your data secure from hackers. Reviewers love how easy it is to use, so you won't have to decode a complicated instruction manual.

    The USB cryptocurrency wallet on a leather notebook next to a pen

    11. These natural heating patches that'll deliver some toasty therapy when curling around a hot water bottle is a no-go. They start working the moment they're unwrapped and can be slapped on anywhere you've got an ouchie (like your belly or lower back).

    Someone lounging on a couch with the heating pad stuck to the front of their undies

    12. A stylish rhino-shaped knife sharpener that will restore your kitchen blades to their former glory. This lil' guy even has non-slip feet to make the entire process even easier.

    A person using the rhino-shaped sharpener to sharpen their knife

    13. A trio of slim tape measures that won't take up every inch of your toolbox. At 1.5 metres in length, they're long enough to do all the measuring around your house, while being petite enough to keep in pockets or purses.

    A set of slim measuring tapes on a desktop

    14. This mini broom and dust pan set that'll help you tidy tiny messes without needing to whip out your whole cleaning kit. The silicone-rimmed dustpan is super deep, so dust and dirt will stay contained.

    The mini broom sweeps dust into the mini dustpan as a cat watches

    15. This über-flexible hair brush that'll glide right through knots and tangles without damaging your locks. The bristles are completely smooth, ensuring there are no snags to catch on your hair, which means it's perfect for all hair types (and extension wearers, too).

    16. This eyeglass-cleaning gizmo that'll help you ditch sprays and wipes for good. The carbon-based cleaning pad won't leave smudges or streaks (or any stinky alcohol residue).

    17. A pack of scaled-down acne patches that'll make you forget that annoying zit ever existed. They'll do all the stuff you expect, with the added bonus of being nearly invisible (I sometimes forget I'm even wearing one).

    18. A personal water-purifying pod that'll eliminate impurities from all your H2O, without the need for a bulky filter. Reviewers say it leaves their water tasting pure and clean, without any yucky aftertaste.

    Someone dropping the pod into a glass water bottle

    19. This laundry egg that'll help you bid adieu to cumbersome detergent jugs. It's packed with chemical-free mineral cleaning pellets that'll help you skip the harsh detergents and powders.

    20. One of these creamy bronzers that'll make your skin look sun-kissed and glowy as heck. These aren't regular bronzers; they're cool bronzers, infused with mango butter and green tea that makes them SUPER blendable.

    21. This cute lip plumper set that'll fluff up your pout without the need for needles or fillers. Reviewers love the tingling sensation and say they've noticed a difference in their pucker after just a few minutes.

    A set of two lip plumpers in a minimalist box

    22. These flexible ice packs that'll help soothe all your small boo-boos. They'll never get stiff or hard (even when frozen), which means they'll be easy to apply just about anywhere.

    Someone twisting the mini ice pack

    23. A micro leather wristlet that's just big enough to store your necessities, without weighing you down. This petite purse has three discreet compartments and a little cardholder, so you could even ditch your wallet if you wanted to.

    24. This all-natural multipurpose balm you can use for everything from soothing insect bites to removing your makeup. Its power comes from ingredients like calendula and marshmallow that'll soothe irritation and deliver some majorly moisturizing results.

    Someone holding up a tin of the multi-use balm

    25. A pocket-sized hand sanitizer that won't leave your hands stinky or sticky. Not only does it smell fantastic (thank you, bergamot!), it'll also moisturize your skin while you're wearing it.

    A person balancing a bottle of the hand sanitizer on their finger

    26. These handy little corn holders that'll protect your digits from getting singed and keep your cob from slipping from your grasp. Their sharp stainless steel prongs will pierce cobs with ease and then interlock into one another for clutter-free storage.

    A set of colourful corn cob holders attached to grilled cobs

    27. A pair of weighted bangles that'll activate your muscles while you go about your day. They're comfy, adjustable, and — best of all — the weight will always stay perfectly distributed.

    28. This handheld steam iron that'll eliminate wrinkles and refresh your linens, without ever having to touch your full-size appliance. It heats up in seconds, which is awesome if you're halfway out the door and realize that your shirt is unforgivably wrinkly.

    A person using the mini iron to smooth out their shirt collar

    29. A set of magnetic bookmarks that'll help you keep track of important text. They're made of coated paper, so they won't destroy your favourite tomes, either.

    A flatlay of the magnetic bookmarks scattered on a desk

    30. A set of four beaded sponges that'll help clean the gunk out of your reusable bottles. A quick shake of these scrubbies will dislodge any residue or gunk currently residing in your drinkware.

    31. This rainbow compact multitool that'll help you make quick fixes, without needing to rummage through your tool box. Each attachment is colour coded for easy reference, and reviewers say they're just as durable as their full-sized counterparts.

    A person uses one of the allen keys on the multi-tool to fix their bike seat

    32. A nearly-microscopic thermal printer that'll make it easy to print personalized labels, photos, stickers, and scrapbook ~accoutrements~. You won't need any ink and reviewers say it's incredibly easy to use, too.

    The tiny thermal printer printing out a sticker

    33. These silicone earphone organizers that'll help prevent your cables from getting tangled in your pocket. Even though they're lightweight, reviewers say they're really durable (not to mention way easier to use than other organizers).

    34. A bug bite suction tool that'll suck out all the toxins that pests (like bees, lice, and mosquitoes) jab into your skin. Since it doesn't rely on chemicals, oils, or other ingredients, it'll never irritate your skin or cause allergic reactions.

    A person uses the suction tool on a child's hand as they hang on the side of a pool

    35. This magical shoe stretch spray that'll help you break up with uncomfortably tight shoes, once and for all. It's incredibly easy to use — just spray it generously on your footwear, slip on a pair of your thickest socks, and putter around your place until the shoes dry.

    A bottle of the shoe stretch spray is seen on a soft fabric background

    36. This single-serving steeper that'll help you throw a solo tea party. It's so simple to use, you won't have to spend hours trying to figure out how it works the next time a caffeine craving hits.

    A person using the steeper to make themselves a cup of iced tea

    37. An itty-bitty floating humidifier that'll transform any glass of water into a diffuser. You could also pair it with your fave essential oils, if you're more into aromatherapy.

    A small hoop inserted into a glass of water; vapour is seen emanating frm the glass

    38. These dual-sided core sliders that'll help you slide your way to the rock-hard core of your dreams. They're super lightweight, portable, and will easily glide over hardwood and carpet.

    A person holds the core sliders against a cement wall

    39. This eczema-relieving stick that'll help you fend off any outbreaks of dry, itchy, painful skin. It's unscented, anti-inflammatory, and will help to speed up the healing process, too.

    A person applying the stick to their hands

    40. And finally, a mini Theragun massager for when you need some *major* tension relief. It's small enough to tuck into your bag or nightstand, so you won't have to sacrifice any precious real estate on your mission for relaxation.

    Turns out good things really do come in small packages!

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