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    29 Things That'll Help You Chill Out, Without Ever Leaving Your House

    It's probably time we all chilled out.

    1. A bottle of warming massage oil that'll give your skin that post-spa glow. It contains all-natural arnica, which will help un-cramp your tense muscles and get them back to peak condition faster.

    a bottle of massage oil on a tiled shelf

    2. A gratitude journal that'll help you better appreciate the good things in life that you may be taking for granted. It's a great way for you to process your day and put your feelings in perspective.

    3. A pack of aromatherapy pillow patches if you're tired of your pillow spray fading before you doze off. Since they're made of cotton canvas, they won't crinkle noisily while you're trying to relax (and won't stain silk pillowcases, like mists might).

    a person peeling off the backing of the cotton aromatherapy patch

    4. A bestselling (and NSFW) guide to handling all of life's most stressful situations. It's full of practical tips for managing anxiety that reviewers say are hilarious and totally non-judgmental.

    the cover of calm the f*ck down

    5. A lavender-scented candle that'll help you calm the heck down on the days when you just need a dang break. It has an impressive 60-hour burn time and won't leave behind any sooty messes — thank you, coconut wax!

    a lavender scented candle on a marble counter surrounded by lavender boughs

    6. A relaxing night mask so your complexion can get some serious beauty sleep. It'll give dry, tired skin a moisturizing boost, which means you'll wake up looking as rested as you feel.

    7. A double-sided sherpa blanket that'll keep you comfy-cozy on the days when you don't want to leave your bed. It'll be the perfect companion for movie marathons on chilly days or as an extra layer during frosty nights.

    a plush sherpa blanket draped over a neatly made bed

    8. A pair of fluffy slingback sandal slippers so your feet can feel cozy and look cute as heck, too. The plush shearling footbed will keep your tootsies from freezing if you need to pop out to get the mail or drop the garbage at the curb.

    A pair of brightly-coloured fuzzy sandals

    9. A vegan drink blend packed with calming lavender so you can sip your way to bliss. It's anti-inflammatory and soothes restlessness, too, so you can actually get a good night's rest.

    a packet of the drink mix next to two glasses filled with the brightly-coloured drink

    10. A collection of feel-good teas from DAVIDsTea that'll target a whole slew of stressors. Whether you're looking for a gentle caffeine kick, a digestive aid, or a sleepy tea, this magical lil' box has got it.

    A set of boxes filled with mini tins of tea blends

    11. A jar of aptly-named bath bombs that'll help you find your ~chill~ during bath time. Each lil' tablet is infused with the relaxing scent of jasmine and roses and has hefty dose of moisturizing jojoba and hemp seed oils to soothe and hydrate your skin.

    A person holds the jar of bath bombs against a bathtub backdrop

    12. An oversized floor pillow that'll help transform your living space into a zen palace. It has a smooth, felted wool cover that'll help keep you cozy (even if you're living in a drafty home).

    The large floor pillow neatly arranged in a living room

    13. Or an oversized body pillow so you can finally find a comfy position. It might have been designed with pregnant people in mind, but it's also awesome for anyone who just wants to cuddle up and chill out.

    a pregnant person sitting comfortably in the body pillow

    14. A wireless hand massager if your grabbers are experiencing some serious fatigue. It's equipped with a warming function to ease tense muscles and can even massage each knuckle and finger individually.

    a smiling person dozing off on their desk while the device massages their hand

    15. Or a handheld percussion massager that'll bust knots and aches like nobody's business. It has six speeds and six patterns so even persistent pain doesn't stand a chance.

    16. An essential oil diffuser that'll make you feel like you're living at the spa (without the hefty price tag). It's sleek and stylish, meaning it won't mess with your home decor ~vibes~. It also helps that it's quiet as a whisper, too.

    The diffuser on a windowsill

    17. An oversized bath pillow that'll support your neck and shoulders while you're soaking away your stress. Reviewers love that it's big enough to contour to their entire back and it doesn't need to be inflated so it won't flatten on you halfway through your soak.

    The bath pillow inside a large bathtub

    18. An all-natural sleep balm that has reviewers raving about its relaxing properties. It's a great drug-free alternative for those nights when you're tossing and turning (and desperately begging for sleep).

    A trio of tins of sleep balm next to a sprig of rosemary

    19. A sweet little sloth that'll help relieve bruising, inflammation, and headaches. Heat it up or cool it down — it works both ways (and has a fuzzy outer layer so it'll always feel great against your skin).

    20. A pack of ultra-chic eye patches that'll tend to tired and stressed-out peepers. They're infused with anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredients, plus a bit of vitamin C to help lighten up dark circles.

    a person looking into the camera while applying the metallic eye patches

    21. An edibles cookbook that'll help you bake up some ganja goodies. Each of the 30 recipes yields delicious, low-dose treats that'll improve your culinary skills while (hopefully!) doling out some much-needed relaxation.

    22. An embroidery kit so you can give your hands (and brain) a break from mindless scrolling on the 'gram. Reviewers say it's great for beginners, too!

    An embroidered circle with the words I speak fluent sarcasm embroidered on the front

    23. A fully-loaded gin-making kit so you can unleash your inner mad scientist. It's packed with yummy botanicals, like cardamom and pink peppercorns, and has enough recipes to keep you occupied for months to come.

    24. A box of vibrant dual-ended markers that'll help you doodle away your stress. Each marker has a thick end and a thin end, meaning they’re great for both colouring and detail work.

    25. A pair of low-profile sleep buds that won't fall out while you're snoozing. Instead of playing tunes or podcasts, they'll stream relaxing and noise-masking sounds so you can finally get a good night's rest (make sure you download the companion app).

    a person sleeping on their side while wearing the sleep pods in their ears

    26. A 3-in-1 foot warmer that'll keep your tootsies toasty when the temperatures plummet. It has three vibration settings and can magically transform into a back massager if you need a lil' extra pain relief (the foot nook is detachable).

    someone inserting their foot into the vibrating and heating foot massager

    27. A light therapy lamp so you can kick seasonal affective disorder to the curb this winter. Reviewers say it's remarkably effective at boosting moods during the darker months and love that it's compact enough to fit into just about any living space.

    The light positioned upright on a nightstand; someone is reaching out to adjust the brightness

    28. A vibrating wand so you can relax your tightly-wound facial muscles (compliments of squinting at a screen all day long). It comes with four interchangeable heads that'll help deliver targeted relief.

    the vibrating wand arranged neatly surrounded by the three interchangeable heads

    29. And lastly, a waterproof scalp massager that will kickstart your mornings and ease any tension — headaches begone! The rubber tips gently vibrate to lather up shampoo, exfoliate the scalp, and even help stimulate hair growth, too.

    A person using the vibrating head massager under the shower

    Let's raise a glass to relaxing.

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