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    21 Awesome Products That'll Transform Your Home Bar Into The Hottest Joint In Town

    Welcome to Chez Moi.

    1. A cocktail recipe book if you're in the mood for experimentation. You'll learn over a hundred (!!!) different versions of 21 classic cocktails that'll maybe inspire you to create some mixes of your own.

    A book titled Cocktails with a twist

    2. A marble wine chiller that won't drip condensation all over your tabletop. It's less messy than ice cubes and can also be tossed in the freezer if you need to really cool things down.

    3. A spherical ice mould that'll make you wonder why you haven't ditched your old trays yet. The flexible silicone makes removal a snap, too!

    A four-compartment spherical ice mould

    4. A tin of pre-made simple syrup if you ran out of time (or energy) to make a batch yourself. It's made of organic cane sugar and can be infused with fruit, spices, and other tasty ingredients if you're feeling feisty.

    A tin of dillon's classic simple syrup

    5. A set of modern crystal stemware that'll swank up your Sauvignon. They're lightweight, delicate, and (according to reviewers) a near identical dupe for glasses from more expensive brands'.

    A single crystal wine glass with a squared bottom

    6. Or a set of stemless glasses in a luxe matte finish. Like your fave LBD, this little black drinkware is as versatile as it is classy (and totally opaque so no one will know you splashed yourself some extra vino at dinner).

    A pair of stemless matte wine glasses on a table

    7. A travel-sized cocktail kit so you can whip up tasty Old Fashioneds in a flash. It's meant to use during travel but I actually love just keeping it on my bar — it's tiny and has all the ingredients I need so I don't need to clutter my space with tons of bottles and vials.

    A flatlay of the cocktail kit with all the elements neatly arranged around the box

    8. A multipurpose bar mat that'll protect your countertops while you slice, dice, shake, and rim. In fact, this baby has a built-in cutting board and integrated rimmer to help you keep mixing mess to a minimum.

    A folding bar mat with a built-in rimmer

    9. An electric wine decanter that'll aerate and pour your vino with just the push of a button. It forms an airtight seal around the bottle which means you won't spill a drop if you get a bit tipsy.

    a curved wine aerator and pourer attached to the top of a bottle of wine

    10. A mocktail recipe book if you wanna make the most of your weekend without paying for it the next morning. Each concoction is designed to balance crisp, fresh flavours while still tasting (and looking) as swanky as the cocktails you know and love.

    A person holding up a book titled seedlip cocktails

    11. A pair of chilling wands so you won't have to suffer through watered-down wine. The handy silicone hook handles will make them easy to remove once you've reached maximum chill.

    A pair of chilling spoons inserted into wine glasses

    12. A set of bamboo tumblers that won't shatter if someone gets a little too tipsy at dinner. Aside from being light as air, they're also dishwasher safe, which means cleanup will be a snap.

    A set of colourful bamboo cups

    13. A pineapple-shaped ice bucket if you're itching for a tropical getaway. Reviewers say it's more spacious than it looks and love that it can double as a centrepiece, too.

    A large pineapple ice bucket chilling a bottle of wine

    14. A set of cactus-shaped shot glasses so you can finally toss out the ones you stole from your college bar. Plus, they're cute enough to leave on display (which means more room in your cupboards).

    Someone holding up one of the cactus shaped shot glasses

    15. A cocktail-making kit for muddled drinks so you can indulge in all your bar faves without ever leaving the house. Whether you're partial to a whiskey smash or just miss sipping on zesty mojitos, this kit's got what you need to slake your cravings.

    A person using the kit to muddle limes and mint for a cocktail

    16. A neat little citrus reamer if you're trying to ditch the store-bought stuff. It has a colander-like lip that'll catch seeds and pith so they don't ruin your cocktails.

    A person juices a lemon over a bowl where a few seeds are caught in the colander attachment

    17. A pair of Glencairn whisky glasses that'll funnel the fragrance of all your fine spirits right into your nostrils. Their sturdy, wide base allows the alcohol to mellow and develop, making for a more pleasant sipping experience.

    A single glencairn glass filled halfway with whiskey

    18. A pair of chilling sticks that'll cool down your bottled bevvies from the inside. They're equipped with an airtight seal, which means you can safely sip your drink while the sticks get to work.

    19. A wine stopper that'll keep your vino fresh 'til the last drop (and keep pests out, too). The tapered cork will fit snugly into all bottles so you could even plug up other spirits if you needed to.

    A person inserted the stopper into a wine bottle

    20. A set of cocktail recipe books so you can concoct libations like a pro. Each book focuses on one base liquor and contains classic and modern recipes (plus, a handy notebook at the back for jotting down your own creations).

    A box of cocktail-making books

    21. And lastly, a capsule-operated cocktail machine that's basically your own private bartender. Each capsule contains all the aromatics, syrups, and juices needed to whiz up a delicious adult bevvy.

    Someone waiting for the bartending machine to pour a cocktail into their glass

    Meet ya at the bar (at my house)!

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