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    If You're Tired Of Kitchen Clutter (Honestly, Same), Here Are 24 Things That'll Help

    My truest dream is having a tidy kitchen.

    1. A roll-out egg tray that'll let you pull out oeufs one at a time. The rest will slowly roll down, so fresh ones will always be within reach the next time you get a craving for an omelette.

    a person taking an egg out of the roll-out tray

    2. A set of airtight food containers long enough for all your fave noodz. Obviously you can use 'em for other stuff, too, like flour, snack mix, or even oatmeal, but go ahead and tell me you're not already psyched about your fettucine's new home.

    a set of long storage containers filled with pasta noodles, snacks, and oatmeal

    3. A stemware rack so you can safely store your wine glasses, without fear of them tumbling over in your cupboards. It's also a great way to use up vertical space, if you're one of the lucky baby duckies with tall cabinets.

    a set of wine glasses hung on the undermounted rack

    4. A trio of canisters for storing your nightshades and alliums in (because, as it turns out, you're not supposed to refrigerate them). Plus, they're all clearly labelled *and* ventilated, so your stuff won't get mouldy before you get a chance to chow down.

    someone putting a potato into one of the three labelled storage canisters

    5. A set of minimalist spice jar labels that'll help you keep track of your seasonings (while looking pretty dang good, too). They're made of dishwasher-safe, waterproof vinyl and won't tear or peel five minutes after you've applied them.

    A set of spice jars with neat minimalist labels on the front

    6. An acrylic bin if the thought of stacking cans precariously on top of each other is giving you hives. You'll always know when it's time to restock (and the cans won't shift around and make a mess of your fridge every time you reach in).

    A person grabbing for a can in the fridge

    7. Or a rippled mat so you can store bottles horizontally without sacrificing precious space for boxes, bins, or racks. Reviewers say they're a must-have for storing drinks before a party, but you can use them for bottles of vinegar or sauce in your cupboards, too.

    a person fanning out several colours of the rippled silicone mat

    8. A foldable rolling rack you can pop open whenever (and wherever) you need a smidge of extra storage or workspace. It's even sturdy enough to hold your bulky appliances, like air fryers, toasters, and microwaves, so you won't have to cram them onto your counters.

    the fold-out rolling rack filled with small kitchen appliances and decorative items

    9. An expandable utensil organizer because messy cutlery has no place in your home. Three slots have adjustable grabbers to lock forks, knives, and spoons in place, which means they won't clatter around every time you open your drawer.

    A top-down view of the cutlery organizer; all the forks and knives are neatly arranged

    10. A universal knife block if you've had enough of stabbing yourself with the loose blades in your drawer. It can fit up to 12 full-size knives and has a non-slip base to keep it from tipping over if you grab one in a rush.

    a person removing a knife from the universal knife block

    11. A roll-out caddy if you're tired of knocking over products while hunting for the dish soap. You can adjust the dividers to make room for both large and small cleaning supplies (there's even a pop-out basket for small things, like dishwasher pods).

    a person rolling out the storage caddy

    12. An under-shelf spice rack that'll help you work some ~magique~ on your cabinet space. Mounting it is as easy as slipping it over your shelves (don't fret, it won't scratch things up, either).

    a person pulling a jar of spices out of the undermounted rack

    13. A pull-out cabinet organizer if you, like me, utterly despise sifting through all your pots 'n' pans. Slip it under heavy appliances, stacks of cookware, or even piles of pantry goods — the next time you need something, you'll actually be able to retrieve it with EASE, people!

    the pull-out tray inside a cabinet with a food processor inside

    14. A tiered corner shelf so you can make the most of that unused cranny you haven't been able to figure out. Reviewers say it's even sturdy enough for plate storage, if you wanna max out your cabinet real estate.

    a bamboo corner shelf with fresh baked goods on top

    15. A cutting board rack so you can free your countertop of clutter (looking at you, butcher block board). And don't fret about it toppling — it's extra sturdy, so your carefully assembled arrangement will stay put.

    A person placing a pot lid in the cutting board rack

    16. A handled fridge bin you can use to slide out all your tasty goodies (rather than juggling a hundred different jars while you try to get to the peanut butter). And thanks to the grippy silicone insert, klutzy hands won't make a mess of your perfectly-arranged bottles.

    a set of handled bins inside a fridge, filled with fresh produce, sauces, and condiments

    17. Or a rolling fridge caddy that'll help you wheel out heavier items, like milk or juice jugs, without scuffing up your shelves. Petite dividers will lock stuff in place or just otherwise keep the caddy from turning into a messy, free-for-all container.

    someone rolling out the caddy and taking out a container of yogurt

    18. A lid rack that'll help you *actually* find the one you need, when you need it. The dividers are all adjustable, so even the bigger ones will finally have a home (#bless).

    a person reaching for a lid in the lid organizer

    19. A cookware organizer if your kitchen cupboards could use some help. Go ahead and slip in everything from your mini skillet to cast iron pans — you'll finally be able to find the one you want in a snap.

    A split photo of the rack being used to store pots and pans vertically and horizontally

    20. A set of mini containers that'll transform your pantry into something even Khloe Kardashian would envy. They've got built-in airtight seals you can activate with a simple press — pop the top and you'll be set!

    an open drawer filled with the airtight containers

    21. A divided lazy Susan so you can take your snacks for a spin (and make 'em easier to grab). And since you'll always know when it's time to buy more of your faves, you'll never be without them when the hunger strikes.

    someone taking out one of the dividers on the lazy susan

    22. A set of Command cable organizers if the cords from your mixer, coffee maker, and other appliances are launching a hostile takeover of your home. Since they're super flexible, they'll neatly hold thin lil' wires and bigger bundles alike.

    The cable organizer mounted on the back of a nespresso coffee machine

    23. A countertop utensil caddy that'll keep your forks and knives from taking over every conceivable surface. It's got four handy compartments, so you can keep things neat and tidy while you're washing up after dinner.

    the countertop organizer filled with forks and knives

    24. And finally, a set of drawer trays if you're sick of loose stuff just rolling around willy-nilly. Thanks to their grid base, crumbs and other debris fall right through instead of clinging to your utensils.

    an open drawer with the three-piece organizer set inside

    That feeling when your kitchen is *finally* organized:

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