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    I'm On The Hunt For Storage Solutions, And Here Are 30 I Want To Try

    Why yes, I DO need a scrunchie tower.

    1. A bedside organizer because leaving things scattered on your floor is no bueno, y'all. It's got plenty of room for things like your glasses, notebooks, and remote controls.

    a cat-shaped felt bedside organizer tugged into the frame of a bunk bed

    2. A scrunchie stand if your collection is taking over every inch of your house. Thanks to the extra-wide base, it won't topple over when you load it up with your hair accessories.

    a smiling person holding up the tubular acrylic scrunchie holder

    3. A side table that'll double as a charging hub for your tech. A pair of hidden slots will let you neatly slip through charging cords (while still giving you a spot on top for your glass of vino, obvi).

    an oval-shaped side table with slots for charging cables and a large bottom basket filled with books

    4. Or a petite wall-mounted caddy for all your living room odds 'n' ends. Tuck in a remote or safely stash your phone while it's juicing up (it's got a sweet lil' slot at the bottom to let cables through).

    a small storage caddy holding a remote control mounted onto the side of a desk

    5. An extendable shower caddy if you're running out of room for all your gels, loofahs, and various lotions 'n' potions . It has drainage holes in the base to keep things from getting slimy, and you won't even need to take out your drill to get it installed.

    6. An undermounted spice rack that'll help you work some ~magique~ on your cabinet space. Mounting it is as easy as slipping it over your shelves (don't fret, it won't scratch things up, either).

    a person pulling a jar of spices out of the undermounted rack

    7. A slim storage box that'll slide right under your bed and help you take advantage of all that wasted space. To make things even easier, the two-stage lid will let you peek inside without having to drag out the whole shebang.

    The bin under a bed

    8. A jewellery carousel you'll wanna take for a spin immediately. No more detangling chains or searching frantically for your fave pair of earrings — you'll have it all on display and easy to access.

    the jewellery carousel on a side table

    9. A freestanding portable closet if the one in your place just ain't doing the trick. Reviewers say it's surprisingly sturdy and love that the assembly instructions are easy to follow (which means you won't waste your entire weekend trying to put the damn thing together).

    a freestanding clothing rack

    10. A set of pop-out broom holders you even won't need tools to install. They'll fold down flat when they're not doing their job, saving you lots of space and keeping you from getting snagged on them every two seconds.

    a pair of pop-out wall hooks holding broom handles

    11. A pair of laundry hampers so you can streamline your laundry day routine (no! more! sorting!). Reviewers love how slim they are — they can be tucked into tight spaces, making 'em perfect for tiny condos!

    a pair of light and dark hampers tucked next to a couch

    12. Or a two-tier vertical laundry hamper if you're short on floor space. Even though both baskets are removable, you could totally roll the whole thing over to your machine instead (it's on wheels).

    someone lifting one of the two hampers off the vertical rack

    13. A funky wall hook if you're on the hunt for a storage solution that'll double as decor. Thanks to the little knob on the end, your stuff won't come sliding off when you least expect it.

    a set of three j-shaped wall hooks with ball tips

    14. A modern side table that'll give you a place to display all your cute knickknacks (not to mention a spot to pop your afternoon tea). Reviewers love that it's compact enough for smaller apartments, too.

    an abstract shelving unit next to a sofa

    15. A cutting board rack so you can free your countertop of clutter (looking at you, butcher block board). And don't fret about it toppling — it's extra sturdy, so your carefully assembled arrangement will stay put.

    A person placing a pot lid in the cutting board rack

    16. A wall-mounted razor holder so you can finally declutter the rim of your bathtub. It's incredibly easy to install, too: just slap it onto any smooth surface and you'll be G2G.

    a person reaching for their razor that's hung on the razor mount

    17. A set of minimalist record shelves so you can keep your vinyl copies of Harry's House and Renaissance on display for all to see. Reviewers love that they still have easy access to their LPs, which means you won't have to choose between listening to and showing off your collection.

    a gallery wall of various records

    18. A universal knife block if you've had enough of stabbing yourself with the loose blades in your drawer. It can fit up to 12 full-size knives and has a non-slip base to keep it from tipping over if you grab one in a rush.

    a person removing a knife from the universal knife block

    19. A honeycomb drawer organizer so you can bring order to the disaster that is your dresser. The petite compartments are perfect for hard-to-organize items, like socks and undies — and they'll be easy to spot, too, so you won't have to rummage around for your fave pair.

    an open drawer with honeycomb-shaped organizers inside

    20. A roll-out caddy if you're tired of toppling over products while hunting for the dish soap. You can adjust the dividers to make room for both large and small cleaning supplies (there's even a pop-out basket for small things, like dishwasher pods).

    a person rolling out the storage caddy

    21. Or a skinny rolling tower if your home has tons of unused nooks and crannies. It's got three shelves for bottles, cleaning supplies, or anything else you can dream up, plus moveable hooks for all your dangly stuff.

    a rolling storage rack filled with kitchen accessories

    22. An over-the-door shoe rack that'll help you finally get your extensive collection under control. It's got non-skid padding on the back that'll keep it from scuffing up your door, too!

    A shoe rack hanging from the door of a closet with tons of shoes on it

    23. A lid rack that'll help you *actually* find the one you need, when you need it. The dividers are all adjustable, so even the bigger ones will finally have a home (#bless).

    a person reaching for a lid in the lid organizer

    24. A set of stackable canisters that'll help you keep kitchen clutter to an absolute minimum. Reviewers love that they're airtight (and you can even store them in your fridge if you happen to make some perishable treats).

    a set of glass stacking canisters filled with dry pantry goods

    25. A genius organizer with compartments for all your beauty ~accoutrements~. It's even got a built-in mirror, so you can transform any corner of your home into your very own neatly-organized beauty station.

    a person pulling out the hidden drawer at the base of the organizer

    26. An organizing rack if your kitchen cupboards could use some help. Go ahead and slip in everything from your mini skillet to cast iron pans — you'll finally be able to find the one you want in a snap.

    A split photo of the rack being used to store pots and pans vertically and horizontally

    27. A cute circular mirror if you're looking to shake up your wall decor. Take a peek behind the frame to find hidden shelving, which makes it a great replacement for your old bathroom mirror.

    a circular mirror mounted on the wall in a bathroom; a hidden shelf is visible behind

    28. An acrylic bin if the thought of stacking cans precariously on top of each other is giving you hives. You'll always know when it's time to restock (and the cans won't shift around and make a mess of your fridge every time you reach in).

    A person grabbing for a can in the fridge

    29. A letter sorter so you can *finally* tidy all your bills, letters, and miscellaneous mail. It's made of sturdy metal (instead of flimsy plastic) and has handy notches that'll keep important correspondence in view.

    The letter organizer filled with cards and letters

    30. And lastly, a set of mini containers that'll transform your pantry into something even Khloe Kardashion would envy. They've got built-in airtight seals you can activate with a simple press — pop the top and you'll be set!

    an open drawer filled with the airtight containers

    My house is about to be so. damn. tidy.

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