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    26 Products That'll Help You Get Your Life Organized (And Actually Keep It That Way, Too)

    Making life a little less chaotic, one mess at a time.

    1. A weekly planner cork board that'll help you stay organized when you lose track of the date. It has a helpful whiteboard strip for jotting down notes and, best of all, you won't have to write in any dates at the start of every week.

    2. A silicone toiletry pocket that'll declutter the rim of your bathtub. It'll stick to any shiny surface (like tiles or mirrors) and has neat drainage holes at the base to keep your stuff from getting grimy and slimy.

    3. A sleek receipt organizer that'll help you keep track of all your business expenses. It has several individual pockets (with labels!) so you'll be able to find what you're looking for in a flash.

    The receipt organizer open to show the tabs and notepad

    4. A velvet-lined storage tray that'll organize your frames and help keep the lenses scratch-free. Since the inner divider's removable, you can easily repurpose it for makeup, stationery, or just your favourite bling.

    An open drawer with the divided insert inside; its filled with pairs of sunglasses

    5. Or a soft accessory hammock if you prefer to keep your stuff on display. If you're a little short on space, don't fret — this baby can also be mounted on your wall in a snap.

    a three-tiered hammock filled with accessories like sunglasses and a phone

    6. A set of tear-resistant wire labels that'll save you from accidentally unplugging your router. It comes with a wide gamut of colours so you'll be able to easily identify which cord belongs to which device and make sense of all the cable chaos.

    A person tugging at one of the cable labels

    7. A coffee pod rack so you can finally declutter your countertops. It'll attach right onto your Keurig, and reviewers say it'll never come unstuck (no matter how many times you reach for a pod).

    8. An under-mounted storage box that'll max out your desk space and hide your knickknacks in the process. You won't even need to drag out your toolkit — it's equipped with a peel-and-stick backing so you can get it set up in moments.

    someone opening one of the undermounted desk drawers

    9. A pack of shelf dividers if you need a little help keeping things neat and tidy. They're perfect for separating stacks of sweaters and linens, or just keeping your small appliances from taking over your cupboards.

    a kitchen shelf holding small appliances, all divided by the shelf dividers

    10. A silicone brush tray if you're tired of constantly losing your tools. The star-shaped slots will easily grip even the teensiest brushes, so you can just grab and go.

    11. A magnetic rack that'll transform wasted appliance space into extra storage. Reviewers were surprised at its strong hold, which makes it perfect for everything from detergent jugs to school supplies.

    12. A stackable berry box that'll protect your fruit from getting bonked around in the fridge. And thanks to the removable basket insert, the bottom layer won't turn into a mushy, squishy mess after five minutes.

    a trio of produce boxes containing blueberries

    13. A set of waterproof spice labels so you'll never accidentally confuse cayenne with paprika ever again. The set comes with 184 pre-made labels for all (and I do mean all) your current spices, with eight blank ones thrown in, just in case.

    a neat spice shelf containing jars of spices; all are neatly labelled

    14. A hanging shoe shelf that'll keep your fave pairs within eyesight. Each pocket is pretty large so depending on your shoe size, you could easily double up on pairs of sandals and sneakers if you needed to.

    A large hanging shoe organizer in a neat closet

    15. Or a folding shoe stand if your racks are already full to bursting. They have a non-slip texture and an adjustable height, making them compatible with basically every kind of footwear.

    16. A milk bag organizer that'll keep those sloppy sacs from monopolizing your fridge. It has a hard shell to keep other fridge items from accidentally puncturing the bags (and saving you from yet another cleaning chore, too).

    a milk bag organizer inside a fridge

    17. A drawer insert that'll corral all your bras and save them from getting bent out of shape in your dresser. According to reviewers, it makes it way easier to actually keep their drawers tidy, too.

    a before and after where the after shows neatly organized bras in a drawer

    18. A set of snap-on linen labels that'll help organize your pile of bedsheets. You'll be able to easily track which set is which AND how to place them, so you can fly through chore time in a *snap*.

    19. A wreath storage bag that'll protect your decor 'til next season. No more stuffing it into boxes and bins! The bag even has a zippered closure to keep things like glitter, fake snow, or other ~accoutrements~ from spilling out.

    a circular wreath bag containing a holiday wreath

    20. A rotating office supply organizer that'll make it easy to find your pen right when you need it. The base is conveniently non-slip so it won't go flying like a discus when you're searching for a writing utensil.

    A rotating desktop organizer with individual compartments flying off

    21. A sturdy makeup case that'll double as a luxe vanity mirror. It has plenty of space for all your faves, plus a lid with a rechargeable ring light and a helpful handle for easy-peasy transport.

    22. A set of dry erase sticky notes that will help you stay on top of your ever-growing to-do list. Because they adhere to all shiny surfaces — like mirrors, windows, and appliances — you'll always be able to keep them in plain view (instead of lost in your bag or pockets).

    23. A looped hanger if your belts, scarves, and ties are taking over your closet. This space-saving gizmo has smooth loops (which means no snags!) and reviewers say it's sturdy enough for thicker scarves, too.

    A looped hanger for scarves

    24. A pack of transparent storage bins if you're sick of playing hide 'n' seek with your stuff. The snap-on lids will keep gross stuff out while making it easy to stack them as high as you want (no judgement here).

    An open closet filled with stackable transparent storage bins

    25. A set of colourful desk organizers if your current WFH energy is ~chaotic~. They'll make it easy-peasy to tidy up all your necessities (or just double as a secret snack compartment for all your midday treats).

    An open drawer with interlocking organizers inside

    26. And lastly, a vertical storage rack that'll give you a place to hang your hat — literally! It has plenty of sturdy compartments for storing shoes, scarves, or tools, plus transparent pockets that'll keep essentials within view.

    a skinny shoe rack near an entryway

    Bye, clutter. I'm not going to pretend to miss you.

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