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    31 Tech Gadgets That Are So Helpful, You'll Never Wanna Live Without Them Again

    Gadgets and gizmos for all your needs!

    1. A sleep mask with built-in Bluetooth headphones that'll also block out annoying sounds (like your neighbour's X-Files marathon). It's profiled to fit around your eyeballs and has a control panel in the centre so you won't accidentally change your tunes mid-snooze.

    A person wearing the eye mask/headphone hybrid

    2. A battery-operated Philips Sonicare toothbrush that'll scrub your chompers better than your old one ever could. It costs a fraction of its expensive electric cousins and even comes with a cute carrying case for dental care on the go.

    Someone holding the battery operated toothbrush

    3. A 3-in-1 nightlight that you can control without ever getting out of bed. It has a built-in sound machine to help you fall asleep, plus a time-to-rise function to help you stay on schedule.

    a person holding the nightlight in their outstretched palm

    4. An electric wine decanter that'll aerate and pour your vino with the push of a button. It forms an airtight seal around the bottle which means you won't spill a drop if you get a lil' tipsy.

    a curved wine aerator and pourer attached to the top of a bottle of wine

    5. A petite Bluetooth keyboard that won't monopolize your workspace. Reviewers say it's incredibly receptive, doesn't lag, and love that it can connect seamlessly to three devices simultaneously.

    6. An electric fabric shaver that'll de-pill all your favourite sweaters. The adjustable cap is designed to protect fabric from accidental snags, making it super simple to use (even for newbies).

    7. An instant-read meat thermometer that'll let you know when the roast is done. Some of reviewers' fave features include the backlit screen (*chef's kiss* for nighttime barbecuing), pop-out probe, and magnetic backing.

    Someone inserting the meat thermometer into a freshly roasted chicken

    8. A Wi-Fi range extender that'll keep your signal strong and steady all day long. It's easy to integrate into your existing setup so you don't need to be a tech genius to stay connected.

    Someone pressing a button on the front of the wifi extender

    9. A capsule-operated cocktail machine that's basically your own private bartender. Each capsule contains all the aromatics, syrups, and juices needed to whiz up a delicious adult bevvy.

    Someone waiting for the bartending machine to pour a cocktail into their glass

    10. A butterfly-shaped ring light that'll help you put your best face forward during virtual meetings. The built-in phone grip is completely adjustable so you can comfortably go hands free.

    11. A wireless charging hub that'll also disinfect all your tech-y stuff. You won't have to wrestle with knotted cables anymore, and you'll have peace of mind knowing there's no bacteria or nasty germs residing on your phone.

    12. A mini calculator that'll help you solve all those tough equations. It's small enough to fit in even the most overstuffed pencil case (or even your pocket, if you're in a bind).

    13. A 2-in-1 planter that'll blast your fave tunes with just the touch of a leaf (no, I'm not joking). It even has colour-changing LED lights that'll get the party started — all while giving your greenery a dope new home.

    14. A Philips wake-up light that'll gently rouse you from your slumber come Monday morning. Instead of a blaring alarm sound, it actually simulates the colours of a sunrise, tapping into the body's natural circadian rhythm and waking you up more peacefully.

    A person turning on the wake-up light

    15. A pair of massaging slippers that'll finally solve the problem of sore feet once and for all. The reflexology nodes may take some getting used to, but reviewers say they relieve everything from worn-out feet to sciatica in as little as ten minutes.

    A person wearing the reflexology slippers

    16. A light-up compact mirror that'll let you check yourself out while powering up your device in the process. This rechargeable pocket wonder has enough power to blast your phone to full battery and can hold a charge for months at a time.

    17. A heart-shaped computer mouse that'll add a little *amour* to your desk setup. It's small enough to tuck in your bag so you can comfortably bring this to your next class (and since it's USB-powered, it won't die halfway through).

    18. A pair of bug-zapping rackets you can use to obliterate pests at your next outdoor hang. It has a teeny light on the handle to lure mosquitos, flies, and other flying irritants to their doom.

    A person holding one of the electrified bug-zapping rackets

    19. An LED light strip that's designed to reduce eye strain and fatigue. It's lined with foam tape that'll stick right onto the back of your TV, and it'll help to increase colour contrast so you can marathon your fave movies in cinema-style comfort.

    A before and after where the after shows greater colour contrast and crisper image

    20. This dog-walking cap with built-in LED lights that'll be an absolute blessing on those late-night (or early morning) dog walks. The lights are mounted on the brim so you won't accidentally step in your pupper's poops.

    21. A petite security camera so you can peep in on your pooch when you're out running errands. Recording starts the second it detects movement and it's equipped with excellent night vision so you'll never miss a thing.

    A mini security camera covered in rain water

    22. A flameless lighter so you can spark up in all kinds of weather. There's no butane to refill and it has an auto-close system that'll keep it from accidentally starting a fire in your pocket.

    Someone holding the circular electric lighter

    23. A handheld percussive massager that'll ~untangle~ your knots and help your body recover faster after exercise. It comes with five different heads, so you'll always get the kind of treatment you need.

    A person using the percussion massager on their back

    24. A self-stabilizing tripod if your directorial technique can best be described as "shaky." It has a powerful magnetic grip that'll lock your phone in place so you can focus on making art (instead of constantly adjusting your device).

    A person using the self-stabilizing tripod while filming a video on their phone

    25. A miniature sewing machine you can use to mend your own clothes. It has a light-up workspace to make detail work easier and a four-step buttonhole to help you stitch those suckers back on.

    26. A neat mug warmer that'll keep your coffee toasty 'til the last sip. Reviewers say it's helped their morning java stay hot throughout their entire workday so you can skip the mid-afternoon microwave.

    The mug warmer keeping a mug warm on a desk

    27. A charging hub that'll juice up to five devices at once so you and your family won't have to fight for plug supremacy. It also has two USB ports and a lil' shelf, allowing you to keep your fave (let's be real, it's your phone) within eyesight.

    The charging hub plugged into a bathroom wall outlet; a phone is perched on the built-in shelf

    28. A sleek wireless charger that'll juice up your device without turning your desk into a mass of cables. It not only has a weighted base, but features a fabric top to keep your phone from skidding around.

    A flatlay of the fabric covered circular wireless charger on a book

    29. A compact key holder that'll turn your keychain into a handy multitool. It can hold up to 10 keys (goodbye, jangling pockets!) and is equipped with Tile tracking tech so you'll never lose your set again.

    A pair of hands holding keys; one is a big bundle and the other is neat and organized

    30. A 3-in-1 can opener that'll help you ditch some of the drawer clutter. Reviewers say it doesn't tip and love that the cut edges are smooth (rather than jagged) so you won't accidentally slice your fingers open.

    The can opener opening a can of mushroom soup

    31. And lastly, a stylish power bar that'll blend into your desktop decor. But don't be fooled by its good looks — it can charge nine devices simultaneously, is surge protected, and has a flat plug so it'll fit neatly into tight spaces.

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