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    Just 20 Things That Are Honestly So Cool And Useful, They Deserve A Spot In Your Cart

    New season, new treats!

    1. These natural heating patches that'll deliver some toasty therapy when curling around a hot water bottle is a no-go. They start working the moment they're unwrapped and can be slapped on anywhere you've got an ouchie (like your belly or lower back).

    Someone lounging on a couch with the heating pad stuck to the front of their undies

    2. A trio of liquid chrome markers that'll help you add a lil' somethin' somethin' to your everyday items. They work on all smooth, non-absorbent surfaces (like plastic, leather, and glass), so go forth and sparkle!

    3. This faux freckle makeup that'll make it look like you actually went outside this winter. The formula is designed to adjust to your own personalized shade, making each freckle as unique as you are!

    4. This transparent mat that's designed to fit in all kinds (and sizes!) of sinks. It's equipped with darted edges that'll fold up when placed in smaller basins, which means you won't need to spend money on a new one every time you move.

    The sink-saving mat inside a kitchen sink, showing off the darted edges

    5. These cute sheet masks that'll help you deliver some targeted skincare right where you need it. Each sheet is infused with cucumber extract that'll feel super soothing on all kinds of skin types.

    A flatlay of the face masks with the sliced "cucumber" arranged around it

    6. This silky organic sunscreen that'll protect your skin from UV rays, blue light, and pollution. It's packed with hyaluronic acid and can be worn solo or mixed in with your fave skincare products. It's also scented with neroli flower extract that'll help calm skin, while smelling way better than traditional sunscreen.

    A person holding up a bottle of the SPF drops

    7. A set of rainbow-hued pinch bowls that'll help keep you organized while you're whipping up a meal. They stack easily, too, so storage will be a snap — even in tiny kitchens.

    8. This neat shelf with built-in containers that'll help you diversify your wall decor. It's a great solution to entryway chaos, or you can use it to incorporate greenery into awkward corners in your home.

    9. This soft waffle knit hoodie that'll keep you cozy while the weather tries to make up its mind. It's roomy enough to layer over your fave tees and tanks, while the tapered cuffs keep it from looking sloppy.

    10. A watermelon-scented body lotion that'll tackle all your annoying skin problems, like dullness and breakouts. It's formulated with hyaluronic acid and AHA, meaning it'll deeply moisturize, without clogging your pores.

    11. A pair of chic oil and vinegar bottles that'll help you ditch the unsightly ones from the grocery store. The rustic acacia wood lids are even equipped with silicone rimming to help minimize kitchen messes, which is really just a bonus.

    A pair of matte porcelain oil and vinegar cruets on a kitchen counter

    12. This triangular tug toy that'll make playtime with your pup a lot more fun. It's made of natural rubber and is completely reinforced, so it'll stand up to bigger chompers.

    13. This gorgeous scented candle that'll evoke some pretty legit springtime vibes. This baby has a 50-hour burn time — which is GREAT, since you'll want to surround yourself with its lush, verdant scent forever.

    The scented candle surrounded by Botticelli-esque plant life and glittering metallic sculptures

    14. This glossy stainless steel watering can that'll help you embrace plant parenthood, without sacrificing your style. It has an extra-long spout that'll help you sneak H2O under leaves and stems (and keep it from ending up on your floor).

    A metallic watering can with an extra long spout

    15. This unscented body oil that'll hydrate your skin from head to toe. It's emollient enough to be used for massages, and you can even dribble a few drops into a bath to give your skin a lil' TLC.

    16. This hydrating lip mask that'll work so well, you'll wanna ditch those other expensive brands. It uses green tea powder and green tea seed oil to hydrate dry lips overnight, so you'll wake up to a smoother, softer smoocher.

    A smiling person applying the green tea mask to their lips

    17. An ultra-plush sherpa blanket that'll swaddle you in coziness. Drape it on your couch, layer it over your duvet, or just rock it like a cape on the days when the outside world feels like ~too much~.

    A fluffy blanket draped over a bed

    18. These sassy cat-eye shades that'll protect your peepers from the springtime sun. They have an exaggerated silhouette and are big enough to hide sleepy eyes (if you haven't had your coffee yet).

    A person wearing the oversized cat-eye frame sunglasses

    19. A quilted bomber jacket that's made entirely of recycled materials. It's completely waterproof and has handy pockets for stashing all your necessities.

    20. And lastly, this sleek plant stand that'll take your indoor garden to new ~heights~. It's tall enough to accommodate drape-y greenery and won't clutter up your floor space when it's time to vacuum.

    An oblong plant stand filled with leafy vines

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