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    Multitasking Is An Art, And Here Are 26 Products That Prove It

    I wish I could be this efficient, TBH.

    1. This rubber stopper that'll snag loose strands and keep them from clogging your drain. With a single press of the top button, it'll turn into a regular plug. Simply press again to open the top and take advantage of its hair-catching abilities.

    2. A trio of wall-mounted containers that'll help you organize your stuff or just give your plant babies a cool new home. They're incredibly easy to hang (even from the ceiling!), and can be paired with other sets to create a DIY living wall.

    3. A creamy tinted balm that'll add a flush of colour to your face. You can dab it onto your cheeks or smooth it over your lips, without worrying about streaks or your makeup getting cake-y.

    4. This frosted window film that'll filter out sunlight, protect your furniture from UV damage, and give you some extra privacy to boot. Plus, you won't need to glop on any glue or chemicals — thanks, static cling!

    5. A lint remover that'll de-pill your fave sweater, without damaging the fibres. It's completely manual and has a built-in lint brush, so you can keep all your fabrics clean and smooth.

    6. A chef's knife with a built-in herb stripper that'll save you tons of time during meal prep. No more picking each individual leaf off the stem!

    Someone pulling a stem of rosemary through the herb stripper holes at the base of the knife

    7. A laptop sleeve with a flip closure that'll transform into a mini mousepad. Since it's extra slim, it won't make your bag feel bulky if you ever need to take your workspace on the go.

    8. An essential oil rollerball that's basically a PMS-fighting, fresh-smelling, migraine-busting, cramp-eliminating miracle. It's an awesome, all-natural remedy for those days when everything sucks, and you just need a little pick-me-up.

    A person holds the roll-on between their fingers

    9. This genius 3-in-1 rolling pin that'll flatten, flour, and measure your dough. Thanks to the integrated duster, keeping your pastry from sticking has never been easier.

    10. This dual-ended bikini trimmer that'll help you keep your pubes in check. One end is equipped with an electric trimmer that'll help you shape and sculpt, while the razor end can transform your carpet into a hardwood floor *wink wink*.

    A flatlay of the dual-ended bikini trimmer

    11. A coffee press and tea infuser combo, because you shouldn't have to choose between them. The filter is built right into the lid and actually doubles as a handy scoop for removing grounds and tea leaves.

    A person using the press/infuser to pour themselves a cup of coffee

    12. These stealthy pimple patches that'll help soothe angry breakouts and conceal zits in the process. They have tapered edges and a matte finish that'll blend right into your skin — perfect for wearing during the day.

    13. A pack of hypoallergenic compressed towels that'll give every body part a refresh whenever you need it. These compostable wipes are pH balanced and expand to their full size with just a few teaspoons of water.

    14. A collapsible strainer that'll double as a steamer. Thanks to its soft basket, it won't scratch up non-stick cookware while you're making dinner.

    15. A 2-in-1 toner and serum that'll target dark spots and keep your skin from getting oily. Thanks to niacinamide and witch hazel, it'll also stop breakouts and acne scarring right in their tracks.

    Someone holding up a bottle of the serum against their bathroom vanity

    16. A padded laptop shelf that'll turn any room in your home into a mobile workspace. The beaded cushion will mould to any surface (including your lap), while keeping your devices cool and well ventilated.

    A laptop perched on the padded laptop shelf

    17. A planter-organizer hybrid that'll help you make the most of tiny spaces. This 2-in-1 storage solution has separate compartments, giving you total design flexibility.

    18. This hand sanitizer that'll moisturize your skin while it kills germs and bacteria. It's infused with essential oils that won't leave your hands reeking of chemicals, either.

    Someone holding up a bottle of the hand sanitizer

    19. A silicone spatula with a built-in thermometer that'll help you perfect your culinary skills. Now you won't have to worry about juggling several tools at once while trying not to burn your creation.

    The spatula resting against a bowl of fruit

    20. This soothing lip treatment with SPF 30 that'll moisturize your pucker and protect it from the sun, too. It's infused with lemon butter and coconut oil that'll leave your pout feeling hydrated (never waxy).

    A flatlay of several shades of the protective lip balm

    21. A trio of bowls equipped with suction cups that'll stay put while your toddler's munching on their meal. They're also great for *enthusiastic* (read: messy) pets!

    A cute kid eating from the bowl that's suction-cupped to their high chair tray

    22. This sugar-powered scalp and body scrub that'll get you clean as a whistle from tip to toe. It's suitable for all hair types, won't strip your skin (or strands) of moisture, and smells divine. What more could you ask for?

    Someone scooping out some of the scrub on their finger

    23. A double-ended whisk and reamer combo that'll help you whip up the perfect dessert. Since you get two tools in one, it's perfect for microscopic kitchens.

    24. A durable tote bag that'll basically do everything. It's strong enough to hold up to 22 pounds of stuff, can double as a funky planter, and is naturally insulating, so you can grab fresh herbs at the market without worrying they'll freeze on the way home.

    25. This wall organizer that does more, so you won't have to. Whether you're trying to organize your bling, tweeze an errant brow hair, or tidy odds and ends, this slim gizmo will have your back.

    26. And finally, this coat rack with a built-in stool that'll give you a place to hang your hat, without cluttering up your entryway. How you use the stool is entirely up to you — it could be a plant stand, bag storage, or just a comfy place to put on your sneakers.

    A coat rack with a built-in stool

    Multitasking like a ~bawse~!

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