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    32 Of The Best Beauty Products You Can Get For Under $35

    Because you don't always need to splurge to get results.

    1. A pack of vitamin C-infused sheet masks that'll give your skin a juicy lil' boost and help fade dark spots and discolouration. They're also packed with fruit-based antioxidants that'll fight damage caused by pollution and toxins.

    Someone holding up one of the sheet masks against a leafy background

    2. A collagen-powered conditioning eyelash primer that'll turn up the dial on your fave mascara. Reviewers say they've also used it to build volume on their brows and as an overnight lash treatment.

    3. One of these creamy bronzers that'll make your skin look sun-kissed and glowy as heck. These aren't regular bronzers; they're cool bronzers, infused with mango butter and green tea and SUPER blendable.

    4. These ~sweet~ lil' exfoliating sugar cubes that'll help you slough away dead, dry skin. No more fiddling around with tubes and tubs in the shower — one cube is enough to exfoliate your entire body, so you can get scrubbing right away.

    A tray of six colourful sugar cubes

    5. A pack of teensy acne patches that'll make you forget that annoying zit ever existed. They'll do all the stuff you expect, with the added bonus of being nearly invisible (I sometimes forget I'm even wearing one).

    6. This cute lip plumper set that'll fluff up your pout without the need for needles or fillers. Reviewers love the tingling sensation and say they've noticed a difference in their pucker after just a few minutes.

    A set of two lip plumpers in a minimalist box

    7. This shimmering body oil that'll give your dull skin a summertime glow-up. It's packed with natural moisturizers that'll hydrate your thirsty skin and leave it looking silky-smooth.

    8. This damage-repairing conditioner that'll make your locks feel softer and look smoother (oh, and kick frizz to the curb, too). It's ultra rich and super creamy, so it'll coat every strand in it's conditioning magic!

    A flatlay of the conditioner on a colourful background

    9. A keratin treatment that'll keep your nails and cuticles from turning into bleeding, peeling messes. It uses jojoba oil and keratin proteins to help your talons grow long and strong, while supporting and hydrating your nail beds.

    10. This clay mousse face mask that'll help clear out your pores, while skin-loving acids dissolve dead skin and buildup. It's packed with ground volcanic lava that'll actually absorb excess sebum, so you'll end up looking glowy and NOT greasy.

    Someone squeezing out the mousse mask on their palm

    11. A volumizing brow gel that'll build up your arches, while conditioning the hairs so they can grow in big and strong. Plant-based fibres and natural pigments will help you fake the look of fuller brows, without ever getting clumpy or flaky.

    12. This 4-in-1 face mist that'll hydrate, tone, set your makeup, AND give your skin a refresh after a long day. I adore the herbaceous scent, and TBH, it leaves my skin looking its very best (even if I decide to go makeup free that day).

    13. A solid sunscreen stick that'll protect your skin from harmful UV rays (while keeping your hands clean in the process). It'll absorb right into your skin, leaving behind zero residue, stickiness, or greasiness.

    A pair of solid sunscreen sticks artfully arranged in mid-air

    14. A lightweight gel highlighter that'll make you glow like the *star* you are. Not only does it harness the magical powers of rosehip seed oil and vitamin C, but it actually forgoes shimmery powders, so you'll never look like a disco ball.

    A smiling person holding a bottle of the gel highlighter next to their face; they are glowing and happy

    15. A trio of scented shower tablets that'll add some aromatherapy to your morning routine. With just a few drops of water, they'll fizz up and start their diffusing magic — easy-peasy!

    A set of shower tablets in a bathroom next to fluffy towels

    16. These mood-boosting under-eye gels that'll perk up tired and puffy peepers and give you a lil' dose of aromatherapy, too. Each green tea-infused patch is infused with the zippy smell of bergamot — perfect for a quick pick-me-up between Zoom meetings.

    A flatlay of the eye patches next to fresh fruit and lip gloss

    17. This all-natural multipurpose balm you can use for everything from soothing insect bites to removing your makeup. Its power comes from ingredients like calendula and marshmallow that'll soothe irritation and deliver some majorly moisturizing results.

    Someone holding up a tin of the multi-use balm

    18. These reusable nail polish remover pads that'll help you break up with cotton pads for good. They're made of textured bamboo felt that'll play nice with your remover and easily scrub away all kinds of polish (even the glittery kind).

    19. These extra-large hydrocolloid strips that'll tackle dozens of breakouts at once. They're contoured to fit over the curves of your face and have sleek tapered edges, meaning they'll be *nearly* invisible.

    A person wearing one of the large strips on their face; it's nearly invisible

    20. This solid clay mask that'll help detox your complexion in just a few swipes. It contains kaolin clay and aloe extract, making it perfect for those of us with sensitive or oily skin.

    A stick of the solid clay face mask on a plain surface

    21. A hydrating toner that'll do double duty to snatch up any remnants left behind by your cleanser. Reviewers say it's super kind to sensitive skin, too!

    A bottle of toner under running water

    22. A velvety body lotion you need if your skin is looking a bit scaly after the winter (it me). It uses ingredients that've been traditionally reserved for facial skin care (like ceramides and rosehip oil), because there's no reason the rest of your body can't get some TLC, too.

    A person holding up a tube of the body cream against their torso; their skin looks smoother and glowing

    23. This Laneige overnight mask that'll do all the heavy lifting while you're catching up on beauty sleep. Not only is it incredibly good to skin (courtesy of hyaluronic acid and slew of natural extracts), but it's also scented with lavender to help lull you into a restful slumber.

    A smiling person applying the sleeping mask to their face

    24. A tube of calming gel that'll help your skin find some zen after a steamy workout (or a day spent outside in the sun). It gets its calming powers from Greek yogurt, which also gives your skin a hefty dose of probiotics, too!

    A tube of the cooling gel on a marble counter

    25. A gentle daily shampoo that'll detox your locks and help soothe your irritated scalp. Not only does it remove product buildup like a freakin' champ, but it actually helps stimulate hair follicles, so new hair can grow in shiny and healthy.

    A person holding up the rectangular shampoo bottle

    26. These pre-soaked toning pads that'll help you fly through your skincare routine. The formula has a smidge of glycolic acid, perfect for sweeping away any leftover dirt and debris (so you'll be able to skip the double cleanse).

    Someone pulling one of the pre-soaked pads out of the tub

    27. A sugar-based lip exfoliator that'll gently buff away dry skin, so your fave lippies will go on like a dream. It won't strip your smoocher of moisture, either, thanks to shea butter and jojoba oil.

    A jar of the lip polish on a smear of the product

    28. This cuticle remover that'll dissolve dry skin and leave your nail beds looking (and feeling) their best. Reviewers say it's so effective, you can safely ditch cuticle pushers and scissors.

    Someone pulling a bottle of the cuticle remover from a straw handbag

    29. These absorbent hydrocolloid pore strips that'll gently coax dirt and impurities out of your pores and help shrink their appearance. Thanks to the addition of vitamin A, they'll also help ward off new breakouts!

    A person applying one of the pore strips to their nose

    30. A bottle of Verb Ghost Oil that'll banish frizz to another dimension and leave your locks feeling soft as heck. It's infused with bamboo extract, plus moringa seed and argan oils, to give your hair a major strength boost, too.

    31. This OPI nail strengthener that'll condition your talons and keep them from snapping off. It comes in the brand's signature neutral shades, so you can strengthen AND polish your nails in one go.

    A person holding up a bottle of the nail strengthener

    32. And finally, this pocket-sized hand sanitizer that won't leave your hands stinky or sticky. Not only does it smell fantastic (thank you, bergamot!), it also moisturizes your skin while you're wearing it.

    A person balancing a bottle of the hand sanitizer on their finger

    Me rejoicing about all the moola I've saved:

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