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    These Are Hands-Down The Best 25 Things You Should Invest In For A Better Night's Sleep

    All aboard the train to Snoozeville!

    1. A pack of light-dimming stickers that'll help soften the glare on your light-up gadgets (so you can finally get some rest). The best part is that they won't block out the light entirely, so you'll still be able to read your alarm clock in the middle of the night.

    2. This snooze-inducing salt scrub and bath soak that'll get you in that sleepy state of mind. Magnesium and epsom salts will relax your tense muscles, while lavender signals to your brain that it's time for bed.

    A person using the scrub in a foamy bath

    3. A contoured eye mask that'll block out glaring light, while allowing your eyeballs to move around during REM sleep. Reviewers say it's so lightweight, they basically forget they're wearing it.

    Someone sleeping while wearing the contoured eye mask

    4. This puppy-shaped neck warmer that'll banish night time freezies for good. Its plush body is filled with wheat berries, so you won't need to worry about it leaking hot water or gel all over your bed.

    5. This motion-detecting toilet bowl light that'll help you see what you're doing the next time you get up for a midnight tinkle. It even comes equipped with a dimmer, so you won't startle yourself awake with glaring lights.

    A toilet bowl lit up from within

    6. A silky-smooth pillowcase that'll help you wake up looking your best. The combo of gentle silk and breathable cotton means the days of waking up with wild bedhead are gone (plus, no pillow scars!).

    A trio of silky pillowcases on a bed

    7. This Philips wake-up light that'll gently rouse you from your slumber. Instead of a blaring alarm sound, it actually simulates the colours of a sunrise, tapping into the body's natural circadian rhythm and waking you up more peacefully.

    8. A pair of these tiny sound-reducing ear plugs that will filter out eardrum-damaging decibels. Reviewers say they're incredible at dampening annoying sounds, without completely deafening the user.

    9. This pillow spray that'll help you ditch invasive thoughts and lull you into a restful slumber. In addition to lavender, this handy lil' mist also includes frankincense and hops, two scents that not only open up breathing passages, but also combat anxiety and stress.

    Someone holding up a bottle of the pillow spray

    10. These melatonin gummies that'll help you fall asleep (and stay that way, too). Reviewers love that they don't experience any side effects (like grogginess or dependency) after taking them.

    A person holding out a jar of the gummies while sitting in bed

    11. A weighted blanket, because you're never too old to feel swaddled. Reviewers say it's not just for insomniacs — it also helps with stress and anxiety, making it the next best thing to getting a hug from your favourite person.

    A person sleeping under a weighted blanket

    12. A portable white noise machine that'll drown out unpleasant sounds, ease your tinnitus, and help you catch some zzz's. Reviewers say it has richer and deeper tones than similar gizmos on the market, and love that it puts babies to sleep in a snap.

    Someone hanging the white noise machine on a door handle

    13. This melatonin skin serum that'll help your complexion get some much-needed rest. The solid stick formula makes application a snap, no matter how lazy or sleepy you're feeling.

    A person holds the solid serum in their hand

    14. An extra-long pillow that'll make snuggling into bed a lot comfier. The straight shape and plush fill means you can mush, smoosh, and rearrange it a million different ways, without it bunching up or flattening.

    15. These cute supplement strips that'll help you get your beauty rest. They're honey flavoured and infused with snooze-inducing tryptophan, melatonin, and theanine to help you tap into your body's natural circadian rhythm.

    Someone wearing an eyemask with one of the supplement strips on their tongue

    16. A lavender-stuffed eye pillow that'll do double duty to both alleviate tension and help you find your zen. The gentle weight is a great solution to stress headaches (and hiccups!).

    A laying person places the eye pillow over their face

    17. A cozy oversized sweatshirt that'll never pinch or squeeze you while you're trying to rest. It'll look great layered over leggings, but is also handy if you're a cold sleeper and need a lil' extra warmth at nighttime.

    An oversized sweatshirt with a text graphic saying nap queen

    18. This essential oil diffuser that'll make you feel like you're living at the spa, without the hefty price tag. It's sleek and stylish, meaning it won't mess with your home decor ~vibes~ while it's diffusing relaxing scents into your bedroom.

    The diffuser on a windowsill

    19. And this essential oil blend that'll quiet your mind and help you snooze in peace. The mix of ylang ylang, geranium, and clary sage is soft, floral, and refreshing — the perfect olfactory accompaniment to a good night's rest.

    A person cradling a bottle of the essential oil in their hands

    20. A collection of feel-good teas from DAVIDsTea that'll target a whole slew of stressors. Whether you're looking for a gentle caffeine kick, a digestive aid, or a sleepy tea, this magical lil' box has got it.

    A set of boxes filled with mini tins of tea blends

    21. This extra-fluffy (and eco-friendly!) duvet that'll keep you cozy all night long. It's made of recycled plastic bottles, so you can hit the hay knowing you're being good to the planet.

    A top-down view of the fluffy duvet blanket on a bed

    22. This whisper-quiet humidifier that'll help keep the air in your room clean and moist (sorry), and also help mitigate snoring. Reviewers love that it doesn't have any annoying blinking lights, which is great if you need absolute darkness to sleep.

    The humidifier on a nightstand, gently misting the room

    23. This dimmable lunar lamp, so you can set the mood for sleep and get rid of those glaring overhead lights. Reviewers love that the touch sensor allows them to turn out the light when they're drifting off, instead of scrambling to find their remote or switch.

    The moon-shaped lamp on a night stand in a dark room

    24. This edibles cookbook that'll help you bake up some ganja goodies. Each of the 30 recipes yields delicious, low-dose treats that'll improve your culinary skills while (hopefully!) doling out some much-needed relaxation.

    25. And lastly, a pair of super-soft sleep joggers that'll help your muscles actually rest overnight. The fabric reflects infrared heat back onto your body for maximum restoration while wicking sweat away from your skin, so you'll stay cool and comfy while in dreamland.

    Me, when anyone tries to rouse me from my slumber:

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