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Harry Fear: Live Journalist In Gaza

Harry Fear is a documentary/filmmaker currently working in Gaza, covering events live.

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An Exceptionally Courageous Journalist.

Harry Fear is a documentary/filmmaker currently working in Gaza. When Israel rockets began falling in Gaza he elected to stay, refusing to be escorted out of danger by the BBC, and use his connections with the Gazan people and his exceptional journalism skills to bring people everywhere live news straight from inside the war zone--despite the great risk to himself. He currently maintains a live feed on ustream, a blog, and a twitter page where he gives up-to-the-second coverage of what is happening in Gaza.

He has gained a large following because of his unbiased reporting and remarkable courage. Each night he allows his live stream to transmit audio of Gaza by hanging his microphone out the window. The surreal mix of birds, drones, bombs, and calls to prayer have been described as both "beautiful" and "haunting" by those who follow Harry's feed regularly.

When he is at his feed he is constantly sifting through e-mails and tweets, taking phone calls, and reporting immediately what is happening in Gaza. He does on a daily basis a roll call for all those who have been killed--taking time to give them each a name and age so they do not simply become numbers.

Harry regularly appears on live news coverage. His usual spots are on Russia Today, CrossTalk, and Al Jazeera English.

Anyone who is interested in what is going on in Gaza should definitely tune in to his ustream and twitter account. There is also a transcript of his recordings in the blog listed below.

Not numbers: Named 108 Gazans killed

View this video on YouTube

Harry does on average one roll call a day, ensuring those lost are remembered.

Harry Fear on Russia Today, reporting live from Gaza

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Harry Fear on Al Jazeera English, reporting live from Gaza

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Radio Interview with San'aa Sultan

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Harry Fear on Press TV

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Harry will be staying in Gaza until early December to finish a documentary he was working on before the attacks. If ceasefires do not hold, he will stay until they are over. His excellent work has gotten him a temporary job as an international correspondent at Russia Today. The people of Gaza, and his followers around the world, thank him for his selfless service to humanitarianism and excellent journalistic standards.

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