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Signs You've Worked Retail

"The customer is always right" - said no retail worker, ever.

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You know your store's playlist like the back of your hand.

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You have your favorite jams and songs you are completely over after hearing it for the fiftieth time in one shift.

Those branded slogans though.

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You're sure you'll never forget them, and they plague your dreams at night.

When you have to stay longer...

E! / Via

...and your manager tries to play it off as it's no big deal because at least you'll be earning more money.

One word: COUPONS.

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Those couponers are going to be the death of you. Especially when they try and break the store's coupon policy.

When customers decide to use the markers in the craft aisle and color the shelves.

FOX / Via

...but do they realize the amount of work you're going to have to do to clean that up? AND now you can't sell the markers they used so your store loses money.

When there is some big event going on in town.

Unknown / Via

Or it's the holidays. Or another store is having power issues so all their customers come to your store.

When customers try to relate to your work.

ABC / Via

Don't try to relate. Just don't.

You have long ago discovered your love for all things caffeine.

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And you just can't get enough.

When customers yell at their kids for no reason.

Lionsgate / Via

Those poor, poor kids

When that thing you've been eyeing finally goes on clearance.

NBC / Via

Though that one 'treat yo self' turns into twenty and suddenly you're broke again

When customers complain about the prices.

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It's not like we set them

When that chatty customer ends up in your line.

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And. They. Won't. Stop. Talking.

The "I won't be coming back here again!" Customer

Paramount Pictures / Via

It doesn't hurt as much as they think.

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