Seventeen Did Our Puppy Interview, And Now My Heart Is So Full

    The wait is over.

    Hey Carats! We've been seeing a lot of you in our mentions, comments, and DMs! 😀

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    We know you've been waiting.

    i think those puppies are going to grow up by the time svt puppy interview releases 🫤

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    But come on, not that long...

    Well, the time has come! The Seventeen puppy interview is finally here!

    The SEVENTEEN members each holding a puppy in their arms

    Please enjoy all 10 minutes of this wonderful, wholesome, and super-adorable video:

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    If you need more Seventeen in your life, be sure to watch their latest music video for "_WORLD". The group is also still on their world tour “Seventeen World Tour [Be the Sun]," with additional dates in the Philippines and Indonesia coming up.

    As always, a huge shoutout to North Shore Animal League America for rescuing and providing us with these adorable puppies.

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