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8 Perfect Gingers For Kiss A Ginger Day

Pucker Up.

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Rupert Grint


No list is complete without everyone’s favorite ginge - Rupert Grint is timeless. (Also, in the interest of full disclosure, I mailed him a marriage proposal when I was 11 that he never responded back to, so - your move Rupert)

Bonnie Wright


I suppose I should warn you that this list is going to be pretty Potter heavy. What can I say? JK Rowling did something special for us gingers when she decided to create the Weasley family. Bonnie Wright grew up gorgeous.

Isla Fisher


Isla Fisher has my lifelong respect not only because she is a fellow member of the ginger community, but we also have the same birthday (February 3rd). Also she is married to Borat, so that’s something too.

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