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    • victora6

      It is nice to see photos of these protests in non-brazilian sites. ButIstill have not seen anywhere in the media abroad anything about the fact that fascists and neo-nazis are also in it. They come and they beat the left-wing protesters, with total permission of the police (that is military, in Brazil-yeah,Iknow, it’s absurd) and all the ignorant people that just can’t understand thatamanifestation for rights and better social conditions isaleftist movement, right down to it’s nature. That’s just plain obvious. It’s getting real hard to be at the manifestations, not because of fear of the police-fuck’em, while they are repressing us, we get stronger-but because of these idiots, ideologically messed up people, that are really scary. And they are the majority. Also, there’s something really crazy happening here concerning gay rights; y’all at Buzzfeed would be in pure raging if you were brazilians, honestly. Shit’s getting real old-fashioned God hates faggots. But way, way larger thanalittle idiot crazed hillbilly church. Well, there certainly are some english grammar errors in this post.

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