Britney Spears - Greatest Gum Chewing Moments

“Watermelon bubblegum, man, it’s the best. It’s so good.” - Britney, 2013

1. Look at you Brit, you know how to have fun

2. You coordinate your gum with your outfits

3. Blue chew with hot pink faux fur - Brilliant!

4. You bring it along on dates

5. And to work

6. It helps you keep calm under pressure

8. You use it as a shield from the pesky paparazzi

Clever girl!

9. Britney passin through

10. I’d love a piece, yes!

11. Your gum sold for $14,000 on Ebay!

Current Value: Unknown

12. Other celebs can’t help but copy…

Katie Holmes, get your own shtick.

13. Wait - I just thought of something

14. This isn’t a crutch is it?

15. IS IT???

16. Gimme the gum, Brit!

Wait, for real… are you ok? Are you choking?

18. Ok, you can have it back

19. We’re cool, right?

21. Love ya! Talk soon!

22. Check out Britney’s BFFs on Youtube!

Vicky & Lysander Season 2

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