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    25 Secrets Freelancers Won’t Tell You

    Ever thought of ditching your job and going out on your own? Read this first.

    1. Working for yourself can be SUPER stressful.


    Being ignored, losing clients and taking on too much work because you're afraid to say no are all part and parcel of being freelance. Oh and the daily fear that all the work will dry up and you'll be left destitute isn't exactly pleasant.

    2. But it can also be totally chill and pyjama-filled.

    Hey, it's hard to stay mad when you're working in your PJs

    3. Sometimes, you don't even set an alarm in the morning!


    4. But that's when clients always choose to call you.



    5. Or when the postman knocks and judges your bed-head.

    6. Sometimes, it can be quite lonely.


    Spending large portions of time alone with your laptop can result in feeling disconnected from the world.

    7. But that's what other freelance friends are for!

    Creative collectives are the the new thing, dontcha know.

    8. It's easier to make time for exercising when you're not on The Man's clock.

    9. But it's also really easy to work from the couch eating pizza all day.

    10. Sometimes, you work 16 hour days with no overtime.

    No rest for the wicked.

    11. Other days, you'll watch TV for 16 hours. It's research, okay?!

    AMC/ Mad Men / Via

    Hmm, I wonder how one gets on on Gogglebox?

    12. You always feel worried about taking a holiday.

    Disney / Via

    Because that's when all the work comes thick and fast, obviously.

    13. But taking random Mondays off feels JUSSSST fine.

    14. Networking suddenly seems really important.


    "So lovely to meet you, I've heard so much abou- HIRE ME!"

    15. But you always forget to give people your card.

    Simpsons / FOX / Via

    16. Hustling for work can be really tiring.

    E! / Via


    17. But when you get a commission or new client, it's the best feeling EVAH.

    Titanic / Via


    18. Doing your own taxes is a major pain.

    19. But stationery is tax deductible.

    Clueless / Via

    Fluffy pens for everyone!

    20. Your family might think you're only pretending to have a job



    21. But then they're extra proud when you hit paydirt!

    22. The uncertainty at times can feel overwhelming.

    NBC/ The Office

    23. It's easy to feel like you'll never get on the property ladder or be eligible for a loan.



    24. But the freedom, excitement and self-satisfaction is worth it.

    25. Oh, and not having to go to work in an office every day.


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