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21 Reasons You Should Have An Irish Pal

They'll give you spice bags, 3-in-1s, and endless craic.

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1. Irish people are generally known for being up for the craic.


Irish people are known the world over for their love of singing, dancing, and talking the hind legs off a donkey. So when you're hanging out with your BFF, you're pretty much assured of a good time.

3. And if you're in need of a hangover cure, they'll knock up an Irish breakfast roll immediately.

Take one white demi-baguette, fill it with sausages, rashers, pudding, and a dose of ketchup, and you'll be right as rain.


4. Although they sometimes have a world weary air, they'll always tell you you're doing grand.

The Irish know hard times, but they're a pretty upbeat bunch anyway. Even if their arm is hanging on by a thread, they'll say they're grand because they don't want you to worry.

5. Having an Irish BFF means getting introduced to many amazing foodstuffs.

Including Tayto, Barry's Tea, Club Orange, and of course, the infamous Spice Bag.

6. And if you're lucky, they may make you a genuine Irish curry.


7. But what you really want is for them to introduce the 3-in-1 into your life.

Chips (the frozen kind work best), egg fried rice, and Chinese curry sauce all mixed together. Beige on beige on beige. It's incredible, and it must be tasted to be believed.


8. And if you visit Ireland with your BFF, make sure they take you to Supermac's.

And Eddie Rockets. You wouldn't want to miss out on Eddie's.

9. Speaking of visiting home, a trip to your Irish BFF's house looks like this.

Because there's rarely a mountain range very far away in the old country.

10. A stroll through the fields after a Sunday roast looks like this.

11. And a pint and a bite to eat looks like this.

13. And you'll find yourself being totally charmed by their turns of phrase. / Via

"C'mere to me now, ye awful eejit: What were y'at shiftin yer wan last night?" roughly translates as "Tell me now,you silly old chap: Why did you kiss that young lady last night?"

15. Irish pals know how to take the mick out of themselves. / Via

And they know how to take the mick out of you too, for that matter. But it's all in good fun, and you're a good sport to take it.


16. Irish weddings provide unrivalled fun.


Irish mammies, speech-related drinking games, dancing with the priest, and the fact that they go on til about 5am mean that every Irish wedding is great fun. Just don't be afraid when the national anthem comes on at the end of the DJ set.

19. There's no doubt that the Irish have the gift of the gab.


Irish people are known orators (we love the sound of our own voice). They say if you kiss the Blarney Stone in Co Cork, you'll never be lost for words. But in fairness, most Irish people don't need to.


21. What's not to love? Irish BFFs forever!