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Geeky Government Officials in Pop Culture

Today is Election Tuesday! Though there are no awesome candidates this election year like President Thomas J. Whitmore of Independence Day taking on an alien race intent on destroying us like or an ex-wrestler turned mayor like Mike Haggar of the video game Final Fight taking justice in his own hand, GET OUT THERE AND VOTE!

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  • Mayor Quimby (The Simpsons)

    Mayor Quimby ( The Simpsons )

    With as many scandals at the Kennedy clan, Joseph Fitzpatrick Fitzgerald Fitzhenry Quimby AKA "Diamond Joe Quimby" runs on many campaign promises, in other words your typical politician. To get the senior citizen vote, he proposed a Matlock Expressway. On education, he ensured no child graduates high school without basic skills.......................of mixing martinis and hiding unconcious show girls in the maids quarter. On health care, providing free penicillin shots to anyone suffering from venereal disease, or as he calls it, "The fire down below." Vote Quimby!

  • President David Palmer (24)

    President David Palmer ( 24 )

    Palmer had it tough. Many attempts on his life (one that ultimately took it), a threat of a nuclear bomb detonation in the US, and other threats to the nation. But he had one secret weapon that can solve all of the country's problems in a day, Jack Bauer.

  • President "Ronnie" (Bad Dudes)

    If you thought David Palmer had it bad, President "Ronnie" had it worse. Terrorists, evil government officials and corporations had nothing on what President "Ronnie" had to deal with.......Ninjas. In the 80's ninjas were a rampant plague, even going so far as to kidnap the president. If it weren't for two guys that were bad enough dude, fighting on top of moving trucks and in the sewer, who knows where we would be. The only qualm I have with President Ronnie is that the "dudes" risked their own lives to save his, possibly suffering many multiple fractures, contusions, and other injuries that are typical from taking on ninjas....and the only reward the President gives them is a burger?!?! Well, hopefully it was at least a White Castle slider...

  • President Whitmore (Indpendence Day)

    He may not have as many catchphrases as Will Smith's character, but hot damn can this guy gives a great motivational speech before an intergalactic assault on some extraterrestrial assholes. Also helped that he was a great fighter pilot.

  • Mayor Mike Haggar (Final Fight)

    A former street fighter/professional wrestler turned mayor of Metro City, Mike Haggar faced many problems any mayor of a major city would face, budget cuts, gentrification, and rampant crime. In this case, the crimes were mostly committed by a gang called Mad Gear, a gang consisting of freaks, waistoids, and extras/rejects from the Micheal Jackson Bad and Beat It Videos. Haggar, after discovering these maniacs have kidnapped his daughter, takes justice in his own hands. And as a mark of a true politician, he doesn't base his decisions on the results of some straw poll... instead he forced his will with a lead pipe...