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12 Tips To Change Up Your Routine For The Better

Routines are *double thumbs up emoji*, but you deserve a little wiggle room!

Hello, and welcome to 2020! It's not just a brand-new year, it's a brand-new DECADE!

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The new year is often about starting new routines or improving current ones (and that's great!), but routines can get, well...routine.

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So this year, why not think about some ways to change things up in your day-to-day, even just ever so slightly? If you're coming up empty, here's some inspo!

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1. Put a teeny twist on your mornings.

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Coffee-at-home fan? Switch from using a standard coffee pot to a French press, or vice versa. Craving a little movement? Wake up just five minutes earlier to stretch your muscles. Tired of reading the news during your commute? Try a podcast instead. Or just totally zone out! Do YOU.

2. Add something new to your ~lewk~.

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Something as small as going one shade darker with your lipstick or parting your hair just a tad differently can be a much-needed refresh.

3. Rekindle an old relationship.

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Text the former work bestie who you haven't seen since you switched jobs — you'll have lots to catch up on!

4. Commit to just a little less screen time.

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Yes, going cold turkey on your phone is unrealistic. Maybe just say you'll check social media once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once at night instead of every hour — and use the time you get back to take a short walk around the office or block, doodle with a pen and paper, or read a print book or magazine! Yes, they still exist!

5. Find a different way to move your body.

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You know you wanted an excuse for more dance parties!

6. Part with something (or things) you really don't use or need.

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"Out with the old, in with the new" (or maybe JUST "out with the old" to free up some space in your home...and life). Plus, donating items to a charity means that your "old" becomes someone else in need's "new" — and that's a wonderful feeling to bring to your day!

7. Take yourself out for a date.

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No matter how extroverted or introverted you are, a solo dinner, movie, or museum visit is the opposite of losery — it's bold and rejuvenating and once you've done it, you'll want to add many more to the agenda.

8. Say yes to something you would normally pass on.

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An ~exotic~ food, an undiscovered book genre, a color you've avoided wearing in the past — no matter how small, give it a go!

9. And say no to something you would typically agree to (but don't actually want!).

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Don't let your friends drag you out when you really just want to stay in and relax! Turn down that extra work project that's just going to add extra stress. Saying no is just as empowering and important as saying yes.

10. Make time to play.

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Find the grown-up version of whatever you enjoyed as a kid and get to it!

11. Indulge your inner explorer.

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You don't need to book an international trip to get in touch with your adventurous side. Try a new running route or hiking path where you live or just wander down a street you've never been on when you're on the way home from work (yes, this counts!).

12. Finally, prioritize checking in with yourself.

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As you go about your crazy-busy day, take a few minutes throughout to stop and pay attention to how you are feeling and what you need in order to feel like your best self in that moment. Yes, do this EVERY day — multiple times a day. You deserve it! <3