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20 Gorgeous Photos Of Our Earth That Will Make You Want To Save It Now

We shouldn't need a reminder that our planet is absolutely incredible, but here's one anyway!

1. Is there anything more spectacular than a sunrise over the ocean?

2. Or one that warms the mountaintops and brings out the color in a field of flowers?

3. There's the perfect serenity of a crisp fall day.

4. The joy of that first dusting of winter snow.

5. And the soft woosh of a cool valley stream in the heat of summer.

6. Have you ever taken a walk in the woods in the early morning?

7. Or sipped coffee watching the fog rise off a peaceful lake?

8. You are never too old to marvel at the shape of a snowflake.

9. Or watch a thunderstorm in awe.

10. A rainbow is just as beautiful the 100th time as the first.

11. The array of life on Earth is too incredible for the mind to even grasp.

12. From the depths of the sea...

13. To the heart of the jungle...

14. To the sweep of the plains.

15. Or right in your own backyard.

16. Take a moment.

17. Go for a hike.

18. Find a spot to watch the sun set.

19. Look up and admire the stars.

20. And remember that the Earth needs love just like we do.

All images via Getty.