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    24 Times David Rose Was The Patron Saint Of Retail Workers

    No one conveys exasperation and existential dread quite like our favorite apothecary owner.

    1. When you've spent your day babysitting customers who refuse to follow the mask policy and you've had it.

    2. When someone actually says yes after you’ve given the mandatory credit card spiel for the 9000th time that day.

    3. When you repeatedly fail at making plans with your work BFF because, inevitably, one of you has to work.

    4. When you work in a specialty store or department and a client asks you, “Do you know anything about...”

    5. When a group of people decide to just hang out by the entrance, tripping the counter over and over, obliterating your conversion.

    6. When a client comes in and doesn’t buy anything, but demands to know if you have any free gifts.

    7. When a customer doesn’t get their way and demands to speak to a manager, but you ARE the manager.

    8. When you're in your thirties, but all your coworkers are a decade younger than you.

    9. When a customer has spent the last 20 minutes treating you like human garbage, but you have to be nice because your rent isn't going to pay itself.

    10. When someone from corporate, who has clearly never worked at the store level, sends out a new initiative that is wildly unrealistic and out of touch.

    11. When your supervisor tells you to smile, uncross your arms, and “open yourself up to your client."

    12. When your family and friends get mad at you for missing events and complain about your schedule like you're not the one working all those evenings, weekends, and holidays.

    13. When mid-October hits and people start gushing about how magical the holidays are.

    14. When you get really absorbed in a menial task because honestly, you've had just about enough of the general public for the day.

    15. When your scheduling manager has you closing all week and it's starting to affect your sanity.

    16. When you get all warm and fuzzy about your work spouse.

    17. When you have a commission-based gig and you have to *cheerfully* guard your sale from that co-worker who is always trying to poach your clients.

    18. That rare occasion when you get to witness your manager throw customer service to the wind and put a ridiculous client in their place.

    19. When you get that know-it-all client who tries to explain your job to you.

    20. When your boss gives you the "opportunity" to pick up extra hours on your day off, because someone else didn't show up.

    21. When your diet consists of food court trash and break room snacks, because your weird schedule means you haven't been to the grocery store for actual food in weeks.

    22. That feeling you get when you're lying in bed before a Saturday shift in the summer, and you just know it's going to be bonkers.

    23. When your friends tell you to meet them for drinks after work, but you don't get off until 10 p.m.

    24. And just when you think you've had enough, that sweet, sweet employee discount keeps you coming back for more.