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Toenail Art Is The New Nail Art

Art for the fingernails is so over. This spring, give your toes a turn.

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But really, it doesn't have to be that way! As sandal season gets nearer, these cute, simple designs for dressing up your toes are worth considering, as you phase nail art out of your manicure routine.


3. These options are all nice, and the glittery ones are especially suited to at-home pedicures.


Make your big toe your accent nail, since you have the most surface area there. Paint the top and bottom halves different colors, wait for it to dry, then paint the glitter chevron in the middle.

5. Also? You can use basically ANY nail art stickers or appliques made for fingers on your feet if you want to.

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Let this YouTube broad show you how.


12. And what could be springier than budding branches?


This elegant look can be done at home with the light polish color of your choice and a brown nail art pen or toothpick dipped in brown lacquer. Just draw curved lines with tiny dots on 'em over your base color and you're done.