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The 22 Most New Jersey Songs Of All Time

Surprisingly, they're not ALL by Bruce Springsteen.

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1. Tom Waits, "Jersey Girl"

"Tonight I'm gonna take that ride across the river to the Jersey side, take my baby to the carnival and I'll take her on all the rides."

2. Alabama 3, "Woke Up This Morning," AKA the theme song from "The Sopranos"


3. Bon Jovi, "Livin' On a Prayer"

4. Real Estate, "Suburban Dogs"

"Carry me back to sweet Jersey, back where I long to be, by the fumes of the yellow and green, next to my darling lady."


5. The Promise Ring, "Jersey Shore"

6. Yo La Tengo, "Night Falls On Hoboken (Part I)"


7. Saves The Day, "You Vandal"

"I woke up to my cold sheets and the smell of New Jersey. When do I get to wake up to you?"

8. Lauryn Hill, "Every Ghetto, Every City"

"Every ghetto, every city and suburban place I've been make me recall my days in the New Jerusalem."


9. Bobby Rydell, "Wildwood Days"

10. Lifetime, "Theme Song For a New Brunswick Basement Show"


11. Titus Andronicus, "In a Big City"

"I grew up on one side of the river. I was a disturbed dangerous drifter. Moved over to the other side of the river, now I’m a drop in a deluge of hipsters."

12. John Gorka, "I'm From New Jersey"


13. The Four Seasons, "December, 1963 (Oh, What a Night)"

14. World/Inferno Friendship Society, "My Ancestral Homeland, New Jersey"


15. Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, "Counting Down the Hours"

"Wondering if I've got a soul and counting down the hours 'til it goes, on a dark wet night in April, on a street in Jersey, where I went looking for some writing that I knew would not be there."


16. Bruce Springsteen, "4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)"

17. Bruce Springsteen, "Atlantic City"


18. Bruce Springsteen, "Born to Run"

19. Bouncing Souls, "So Jersey"


20. Bon Jovi, "Who Says You Can't Go Home"

21. Senses Fail, "Garden State"


22. Frank Sinatra, "Come Fly With Me"

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