The 17 Most Insane Heavy Metal Tattoos Ever

Including Ozzy Osbourne reading a newspaper on the toilet. SO METAL.

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3. Unintentionally-zombified Dimebag Darrell


It's kind of a metal tradition to get a tattoo of the late Pantera guitarist, they just usually tend to resemble what he looked like while alive a little bit more.

10. Metallica poop snake


Both Metallica and this person really should have considered that this album artwork strongly resembles a cartoon depiction of dog doo before committing to it.

15. Savatage


This tribute to "Hall of the Mountain King" (which is an insane video that you should really YouTube if you're not familiar–it's classic weirdo druid metal), like the Slayer logo above, looks like it was plucked whole from a middle school sketchbook.