Morrissey And David Bowie Are Fighting

    Nooooooo, you guys! Don't do this! Think of the children!!

    So David Bowie and Morrissey are in a fight.

    Apparently, Bowie has barred Morrissey from including a previously-unseen 1992 photo of the two of them in Moz's new cover art.

    From the online Morrissey fanzine True to You, where Moz frequently releases his official statements: "David Bowie has ordered EMI UK not to run the proposed artwork for Morrissey's April 8th issue of the re-mastered The Last of the Famous International Playboys single and CD."

    But, like, WHY?

    "Although Bowie has no legal rights to the photograph, most of his back catalogue is presently licensed to EMI." So why not give the people what they want, AKA photos of our two favorite men on the planet palling around?

    I mean, does Bowie not understand the pure joy that enters our hearts when we see a photo like THIS?

    Or THIS?

    Please mend fences, you guys. We can't live in a world where you're fighting! Plus also we really wanna see that picture.